Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

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Sep 4, 2017
Pinelands, NJ
So @beno needs a few more of us on his list so make an order for factory RHD floor mats. Who's interested?

I've been trying to get a set for months now!!!
I would like a set.
Is there an official list?
@beno what would be so different in using these in LHD?
Interested. Where do I go to get some info?
Can someone post photos of the product?
Can someone post photos of the product?
I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that these are the mats* that everyone is referring to. (Minus the dirt and stains)

*passenger side mat on a RHD Cruiser
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If you are considering ordering lhd sets also let me know how much and I might take a few sets.

If you are interested in a set, please email me directly.

onur at landcruiserpartsandconsulting dot com

Pricing will be based on how many folks want a set. 2nd row sets are available too.

I won’t order any until I get 10 committed (read: paid) orders. I lost my ass last time around.

Don’t waste my time.

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