Eric Hagan needs your help battling cancer


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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Eric Hagan needs your help battling cancer

Some of you might not know him but but you probably do he has been a core member ( Landspeeder) of IH8MUD since almost the beginning. If you ever met him you would never forget him. Please help if you can in his fight with cancer.
Click link below to see his story and donate.

Click here to support Eric Hagan Battles The Cancer Hill organized by Marshall Shepherd

The main mud link in chat if you have stories and want to share pics. As well do so on the Go fund me page and post up.

Eric Hagan needs your help in his Battle with Cancer


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Sep 19, 2006
For those not on FB ... Kitty and I put together this little project for E.

Who are your heroes?

Eric Hagan is one mine. In the face of physical adversity, he is always inspiring.

Some call him Hagan, some say he perpetuates fake news, most of us call him E. Whether he knows it or not, he's a hero. After a surgeon had to remove a malignant tonsil and a lot of lymph nodes, he's also a cancer survivor. He still has a long road ahead with several weeks of radiation therapy that will keep him out of work for a while. The therapy is draining on the mind and body, but we know Eric will *throatpunch* this cancer and come out grinning and winning.

He's a soldier who knows God isn't done with him yet.

I know there have been a few donation opportunities going around, but Kitty wanted to create something. We wanted to make a reminder of the hEro he is to many of us. Kitty & I designed this keychain with raised lettering and the reverse side features one of his favorite impressions in the mud. Kitty hand carved the original keychain in wax, then it was cast in white bronze in small batches. And finally, each piece was hand finished by Kitty and myself. All labor and materials [and postage] were donated to this project. So all the money, minus postage costs, will go directly to E.

We have an initial run of 100 keychains. For a $50 donation to benefit Eric Hagan, you can have one of these limited run keychains. Future runs will depend on demand, so don’t hesitate to support a friend in need of some assistance. Send an email to and you will receive instructions on how to make your donation. The auto-reply will provide details on how to order.

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