EC4RJ June 25-27 at Rausch Creek

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Dec 19, 2003
Marysville, PA
Figured I would throw this over here. This year's East Coast 4 Runner Jamboree is June 25-27 at Rausch Creek in PA. This is the 10th year, so it should be a good one.
Base camp will be at the park, I don't think anyone is camping at Echo from what I have heard. Some are getting a hotel too.

Hoping to have everything done this week to the 4 Runner and will probably be heading up Friday afternoon.
I didn't realize that the 4-runner jambo was here.. I'm gonna have to swing down, assuming I don't destroy the rig doing the rock crawling demo for Rausch Creek at Carlisle on Saturday.

If any of you see "Fort Knox" - (Gold SAS 4-runner, he's a big bald guy), give him a :flipoff2: from me...
We had a great weekend, but didn't get any pictures. My junk actually worked quite well and I don't have anything to fix for once. Little bit of clean up and tweaking and I'll be ready for the end of July. Here is a picture a buddy took at the end of the day.

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I had a great time and was impressed that my dcab hilux didn't break down (ok, so it needed one jump on the battery...)

great to put some names with faces, like CAZ and a few others...

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watch out for this guy on the trail....


and this long hair hippy dude

watch out for this guy on the trail....


There's a warrant out for his arrest.. unlawful abuse of a Tsunami air pump :lol:
Freakin cool that he drives it to the trail though! I miss those days..

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