Driver Mirror fell out

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Sep 7, 2017
Humboldt, CA
My drivers mirror fell out on the trail. The mounts for the motor component were toast. So, I made new holes and screwed it back in. However, I cannot seem to be able to re-attach the mirror itself now. It doesn't look as though the zip tie is blocking it from snapping back together, but it just will not go back on. Am I doing it wrong? Can that place be replaced, or is it just by and entire new mirror/motor/ housing? Thanks


Things fall off quickly in this forum. Really need help on this one and have yet to find the answer searching.
Use 2 zip ties. not just the one side. Looking t=for the Youtube link for you

If that doesn't do it, try some black RTV and then zip tie it on until it sets and that may hold it in place.
Thanks! Of course right after posting I went back to searching and found this (Mirror Replacement - Where to buy?) post were he states you can use the innards of this chinese mirror. I ordered one and will confirm its fitment when it arrives. Still watching the vid though. Thanks again.
I looked at your post, but the break you have is NOT the TYPICAL break these mirrors have. Unfortunately, yours is the "replace" version. Check in the classifieds above as well. As long as all you need is a colored one you're good. If you need the chrome one, you're screwed.
check with acrteryx=CruiserYard for a used mirror

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