Do I look lifted?

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Mar 20, 2016
Lakeport, CA
Hi, I bought the 40 this way a few years ago. It has ConFerr extended shackles and 33x12.5x15 tires. The consensus here is that 31" tires are the max on stock suspension.

Do you think this has lifted springs on it?

I was thinking about putting 2.5" lift springs on it but don't want to waste my $$ if it's already got lift springs.

Any thoughts?


If you have conferr extended shackles, you probably don't have lift springs. That said however, there's really no way to answer your question accurately without pics of the springs, shackles, etc.

Can you find any markings on the springs?
Looks like... but you have rear cut fenders also. If you can post some close pics of the springs. maybe we have a better idea of..
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BFG 33x10.5x15 M/T
HFS 2.5" lift springs and 1.5" shackles
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Thanks for all of the replies! @Matti, our rigs look like they sit pretty similarly, so I'm guessing you're all correct, lift springs plus extended shackles.

I was hoping I could put lift springs on with shorter shackles to correct the shackle angles but it looks like I'll have to take a different route.

Here's are pics of the shackles and the springs.

You've got some added leaves in there. The oversize one in the middle and the one on the bottom. Homemade spring lift.
Yep like Pjohnson said a stock spring with a few add a leafs stuffed in there
When you hit a bump in the trail, those soft longer upper leafs come down and hit that thick center leaf, which then throws the back of your rig up into the air like jumping off a diving board, and you catch it in the back of the neck. Consequently those shorter lower leafs seldom come into play. You'd obviously be better off without add-a-leafs altogether, but if you have to have one, it should be the very bottom leaf so that all your other leafs get to come into play before hitting the diving board.

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