Do coil converted & lifted 120s still exhibit lean?

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Rear air bags adjust and fix lean on rear. I have Bilstein 6112 coilovers in front. I have zero driver side lean with this setup.

I thought you only needed to add spacer to driver-side rear when you replaced rear air bags with rear springs.

Not sure you need spacer in front when you got airbags in rear
The airbag self leveling sensors help to correct the lean when they inflate, but ultimately a more permanent fix would be a small trim packer on the front strut and rear coil if you were to convert the airbags to coils. I had the same issue in my Tacoma because the battery, gas tank, and driver are on the same side of the vehicle.

Mine is usually leaning after it sits in a flat parking lot for a long period of time because the airbags have deflated.
MT is the only spring I know of that has a DS compensation in their design. I have VERY heavy springs in the rear and balance my loads to offset the fuel tank and driver and sit level. Use adjustable coilovers to balance the front.
Thanks everyone for input. Later in his thread, @co4wheel has issues getting alignment back into spec in that particular corner and I'm wondering if that's necessary. He also doesn't mention anything about the rear shocks or shimming the springs there.

I tried to PM him with no success.
I forgot to ask, people use OME trim packers or a poly/al 1/4in spacer in the front to re-level. How can they do it in the rear aside from MT compensated coils? I went with Toytec. An extra 1/4in pad over the spring?
You could cut a poly spacer yourself (I think someone did a write up on it) or SSO makes a nice kit (GX470 Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit) that allows you to add and delete spacers as needed to correct the lean and/or increase lift.
That's a great suggestion. I think I'll have to try something like this, but maybe offset one side with an extra half in.

orion said:
Looks like it's been about a year since I updated this So, to address that ^^^ (squeaky rear springs)...yes, mine were creaking when I went over decent bumps. Metal springs moving on the metal upper spring perch...wasn't obvious at first, seemed to develop over time.

I honestly couldn't hear it all the time, and only when the windows were down...but it's clear that the upper end of the spring was twisting as it compressed and uncompressed...and that made a little noise.

There needs to be something between the spring and the metal...anything would do, really. But I figured I'd add a small amount of height PLUS fix the chance of creaking / squeaking when I had a couple free hours this weekend.

To that end, I pulled the rear springs and put a 1/2" thick piece of HDPE on top of them (basically, cutting board material...high density plastic).

Here's a couple pics:


And installed, with new grade 8 hardware:

That plastic is really tough, and should allow the spring to twist without making noise.

Added exactly 1/2" in height, as you would expect.


So, other than this minor update...I've done nothing but drive the truck around town, and occasionally to the national forest with my kids. I've found nothing not to like about the GX470...just wish I lived somewhere where I could get if off road a little more!

- Brian
Just get a 1/2” thick plastic cutting board. Cut it to the round shape of the top of the upper spring seat. Rtv it to that. Might want to make it as big as possible and still fit in the upper metal part of the body.
Edit. No reason for this not to work. If the upper seat is no over the depth of that upper seat with your spacer I would put it under the MEtal Tech lower seat or just get the SSO one which basically has that feature built in already.
I’m looking to correct the drivers side lean after the coil conversion.

Im looking to add a 10mm trim packer to the rear. I’m seeing two types of trim packers:

(1) OME150PR10 that seems to fit on top of the isolator between the frame. Has smaller hole in center.

(2) OME80PR10 that seems to fit in between the top of the coil and under the isolator. Bigger hole in the middle.

Is one better then the other?

[Update 2020-01-13 -- I'll answer my own question. After watching YouTube videos, I realized that the placement of the trim packer can increase or decrease the distance of the isolator from the bottom of the spring where there's a puck holding the coil. So, I'm going to go with the OME150PR10 trim packer to add on top of the isolator between the frame. Someone had said his trim packers moved, but the OME150PR10 seems to have an indentation to keep it in place.]





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Funny, I was behind my truck prepping my sliders. I looked up at the back of it and noticed it was slightly leaning towards the driver side. I guess I’ll be doing the same.
I just ordered the ome150pr10 10mm trim packer, so waiting to arrive so I can install.

Trim packer arrives while I’m on vacation, so it’s going to be a while before I install.

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