De-fire trucking a Hilux fire truck

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Feb 13, 2019
Lutherville, MD
So I decided to do things the hard way for my Hilux build. Picked up a 95 JDM Hilux LN107 fire truck off BaT mainly bc of the low miles (6k) and no rust. And it was local. The drivetrain truly is solid, feels tight. Issue is the bed. I've been able to find a rough one in Dubai which would be a little under 2k delivered and then there's body and paint for the whole truck. The red is actually in good shape. So for now I went the angle grinder way and was able to cut off most fire truck things. Luckly the light bar was riveted so I was able to cut out the rivets which are hidden undert he door line and it came off with only 1 scratch. I think I can cover up most of the cuts with touch up paint and maybe that diamond plating metal for the bed rails. Left with the storage bins which actually can be unbolted but the sides of the bed have the deep cut outs. Not sure if it would look wierd. Any advice for that area? Really blocks visibility.

The tailgate area seems too modified for an actual tailgate so may have to go the net route for now.

Otherwise grill bumper and trim are shared with some US models. Wheels/tires incoming. Basic fluids filters etc doing myself. Pics will be incoming slowly.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 11.26.22 AM.png




Build a ute style tray! Cool truck.
I was watching that on BaT. If it had been an '84-'88, I would have been bidding against you!

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