Danner Mojave desert boot

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Nov 15, 2011
Anybody own a set? Would appreciate your reviews. USMC Rat 8" specifically.
Yes, a summer boot that stays a bit cooler. Sure is spendy but I have a pair of Danner Mt. Light Hikers and they are very well put together. But all that leather gets warm. I've never owned a military style boot. I like the look of leather and Denier nylon and the vibram sole. This is the boot I am considering. Reminds me of their famous bestselling upland hunting boot "Grouse" Thanks for the link.
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I wear the precursor to that boot, the way I explained it to my marines was a pair of Danners were the toughest AirJordans I ever put on my feet. Buy em a half a size to a size too big, depending upon what socks your going to wear. I'm a 9.5 and Have always bought size 10 in danners.
I like full leather uppers, fabric tends to hide foxtail and cheat grass seeds. Also not sure why one would want a waterproof boot for summer use in the desert.
Their website says they offer the Mojave with Gore-Tex, making it waterproof. I plan to go non Gore Tex for more breathability and save a couple bucks. I'm going to give this boot a shot. Will report back.
I have the similar desert TFX that I got three years ago to run a "long range hunting" contest. They've held up well for me (though my teammate's fabric bits are trashed, I don't know what he does to them) and have been super comfortable for running with loaded packs off-road as well as standing all day on concrete teaching classes. The Gore-tex is comfortable in desert environments. I bought a half size bigger than usual when I tried them on at the Danner headquarters shop.
You can't go wrong with danner quality but if you're looking to save a few bucks look around for surplus or blemished boots from the recent military overproduction.
I bought a pair of RAT boots made by wellco (military manufacturer) from www.sportsmansguide.com for like $55 and they are excellent. They also have Danner boots in the surplus section, many in the $100-$150 range.
If you have time to wait, Danner regularly puts up hunting/combat boots discounts on www.hitthebreakroom.com
I think you have to sign up for that website to see it though.

Not trying to talk you out of it, just offering options.
I have a pair of Danner proghorn I've been running for 3-4 years. Best boots I've ever owned. A year ago I decided to try something that has a store local and went with a pair of redwings. While I like my redwings, I still wear my Danner almost daily as their just so comfortable. Just wish Danner had replaceable soles. Only thing going bad on mine.

After wearing the redwings off and on for a year, I'll be going back to Danner when my redwings wear out.
npulver- I too require replaceable soles. I hate glue on soles. I am liking the Mojave as it appears that they do in fact
have a double stitched sole, at least by the picture. worth taking a serious look.
I prefer leather uppers for snake bite protection combined with a pair of snake proof gaiters. If that is not a concern the fabric uppers are OK, I have a pair I got at the PX/Clothing store and they are very light. Get a military buddy to take you to the local base, prices are better. Good Luck with your choice.
Unless you are buying Danners with molded on soles, the stitch down soles are all replaceable. I had 2 pairs that I had the soles replaced on a couple of times each before I retired from the Corps. Might just be that the cobblers in your area aren't used to the heavier soles of military boots but they can be replaced. In fact the Danners were chosen by the Corp because they much more durable in harsh conditions and the stitch down soles are repairable where the molded on soles are not except by specialty cobblers.
Back ordered for a few weeks. Will report back. They must be popular!
the stitch down soles are all replaceable
I got my first pair of Danner hiking boots in the mid '70s when my feet reached size 11. 4 sets of soles later, the leather tops finally wore out in the late '90s. I tried to get the same boot again, but they had gone to stitching around the edge on all their designs, instead of inside like the one I had. I was bummed I couldn't get my "dress" hiking boots anymore.
Back ordered indefinitely, may not be getting a pair for some time, 10.5 in medium....
All the Danners I got from the Marines wore out in the inside heel. Putting them on and taking them off wore out the fabric covering a piece of plastic in the heel which would dig into your achilles. The best desert boots I've worn are Oakleys SI Assault and Nikes SFB. Personally I think the Nikes are the best due to their lightness and how fast they dry after getting wet.
As it turns out, I have a pair of size 10 desert rats that I've only worn once or twice so if that interests you let me know
A year later my Danner Mojave non-Goretex boots arrived LOL. I almost forgot about them. Love the fit and finish. Looking like it was worth the wait and $$$.
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Just a general Danner opinion here as I have never had the Rat boot, but have been wearing these Danner - Forest Heights II Falcon Grey for 3 years straight and I do not believe I wil ever buy a boot from another manufacturer in my lifetime. They are expensive @$350, but I wear them nearly everyday in a business casual forum and they still look and feel great!

I'm about to send them back to be fully recrafted...love em!!!

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