Crush sleeve not engaged

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Feb 9, 2011
Hopewell, VA
Anybody ever achieve pinion bearing preload without even engaging the crush sleeve? I'm regearing my front axle and that seems to be happening to me. I'm going back out to the garage to figure out what's going on, but I'm looking for input. I can hear it moving around when I move the third member around with the pinion installed.
A new crush sleeve? No.
You would notice it if the sleeve did not get crushed in the fact that the pinon preload got tight without any significant torque on the nut. Usually you will need more than 300 ft pounds. Use an OEM crush sleeve. Call or PM Zuk. He would know the typical lenght for the correct sleeve.
If you are using after market shims then I could see a problem. The factory shims the pinion on top of the inner bearing while the aftermarket shims the race of that bearing.

The difference is that shimming the race increases the distance between the inner and out bearings while the factory scheme doesn't. It might be possible to shim the race to the point that a factory crush sleeve would be to short.

Ive only installed aftermarket solid spacers so I can't say for sure if there is an issue with the crush sleeve but wanted to give you some insight between the two installs.
I came to the same conclusion when looking at it earlier, partly because I never even had to use an extension on the breaker bar, yet I achieved the pinion bearing preload easily. The Nitro/Sierra master install kit I got from Cruiser Outfitters shimmed the race out instead of the pinion bearing. The increased distance between the two races was too much for the new crush sleeve to span.

I decided to check the wall thickness of the aftermarket crush sleeve too since I have to order parts and wait anyways, and since the quality of the Nitro install kit is now suspect. Koyo bearings, but aftermarket shims & crush sleeve. Sure enough, the OEM crush sleeve is around .093 and the aftermarket one was around .082 with an angle that would make it crush easier, but make it not as strong in the long run.

Ended up ordering the following parts to fix it, now I just have to wait.
Front Axle Crush Sleeve 41231 24010
Front Pinion Shim 1.76mm 90201 35499
Front Pinion Shim 1.79mm 90201 35500
Ring Oil Storage 41115 35010
Rear Axle Crush Sleeve 41231 60030
Front Axle Pinion Seal 90311 38047

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