Cruise in at Pickens

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Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
Friday evening is the annual Cruise in at Pickens prior to the Azalea Festival this
weekend. I plan on being there with the Screamin' Mimi. Friday's event draws
quite a large crowd of cars/trucks and gearheads as well as sightseers.
My office will be open for those needing facilities. Bring chairs, bring your Cruiser.
It should be fun.
It was great fun. Ton-o-cars. Screamin' Mimi was a big hit.
Highlight was leaving before it was over and having the Tams roadies clear a path through the crowd for the Sprite
to drive down the sidewalk by the stage. Funny a chit blipping the throttle with a sea of people on both sides
of the Sprite as we drove out.
Screamin' Mimi had "left the building". :grinpimp:

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