Creaking noise

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Feb 19, 2018
My 94 has developed a new creaking noise not sure what it is. I'm thinking bushings. I installed new calipers and pads in all four corners about a month ago with new a master cylinder. The OME lift was installed about 6 months ago. The noise is louder in the morning when it's cooler and happens when the truck dipps or lifts when breaking or excelerating.
When checking if all my bolts were right tonight I noticed that my passenger side burfield has some grease that looks more liquid on it. Could this be part of the creaking? All the bolts were right.

Had a creaky squeak and found that the two mounting bolts on one of the rear shock plates had backed wayyyy out. Tightened them and the noise is thankfully gone. I have also read that it could be you don't have your shocks tight enough.
Noise is not coming from birfield grease
Take a close look at the 6 bushings in the radius arms, and the 8 bushings in the rear control arms. Without leaf sprins, these are what connect your axle to your frame.

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