Crazy Carpet / Flooring Idea !

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Mar 28, 2011
Land O Lakes FL - TAMPA FL
After a few trips out to the local swamp and trails during the rainy season here in Florida I flooded the interior of my truck a few times. The first two times I left the carpet in and shampooed it and used a steam/ carpet cleaner machine on it. Then I left it in the garage with two dehumidifiers going all night and the garage door to the house on with the ac doing its job. After the third time I removed the entire interior and removed the carpet to clean it and what was underneath.

The carpet never went back in. Another MUD member and I sprayed 3 coats of Raptor liner ( truck bed liner) on the entire floor of the truck. I love the line its very tough, easy to clean and doesn't hold odors, But driving this truck in the Florida heat in the summer is almost unbearable now. Heat radiates right through the floor. My A/C is fine but the truck is much hotter and noisier with the carpet out.

OK my idea is the cut my OEM carpet into three of four sections install it correctly in the truck and roll on a very thick coat or a few coats of liner onto it. I know it will be a very heavy or thick first coat to soak into the carpet. I would let it cure for a week so it would hold its shape then take it out and do the bottom or back side of the carpet . still have insulation frm heat and nosie for everyday driving and I would have pieces I could take out and easily wash.

A side note I also plan to roll liner on my head liner ! Any thoughts, ideas, concerns, advice or experience on these ideas to give me some courage to do this please let me hear it. Or even just your opinion !
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I was worried about water getting trapped between the sound deadener and the floor causing all sorts of problems. I lightly sanded my floor and rubbed it down with alcohol and used and air gun to spray the liner on the floor and into every little area.
How about;

1. Bed liner the floor
2. Sound mat on top of that
3. Another layer of liner over the sound mat
4. Finishing layer of carpet/rubber/whatever
Y don't you just cut some carpet and set it on or Velcro it on to the liner.

Then when you go muddin just pull out the carpet....after muddin, throw it back in.

Best of both world.....

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I'm not sure what year you have, but I doubt any of the 80 series headliners could withstand the added weight of a liner coating. I have a 96 and although it's headliner is fairly rigid, there is nothing except the sunroof to support it in the middle of the roof. The only things holding it up is molding, hand grips, and the sunroof.
you have one of the classic decisions of this world: practicality vs comfort.

If you want comfort, you're gonna have to have insulation for the heat and sound to stay outside. The problem is, the insulation soaks up water and mud and everything, its a pain to remove and a pain to clean.

If you want practicality, leave the carpet out and have nothing to clean, but have the truck looking like s*** on the inside, and heat and road noise coming in.

I've always thought of a happy middle which would be rubber carpetting that would be cut and installed exactly like the OEM carpet, and have sealed type sound deadener/insulation similar to dynamat or something, which is not like the fabric based insulation that soaks in pretty much everything. That way, it wont keep the water soaked, its easier to clean, and you have at least some basic comfort (and a more "bare bones" look as well with the rubber carpet)
Something I was wanting to try was instead of carpet was Hydro-Turf. Only reason I haven't is I really want it to look factory at a glance. They do not have tan or brown because it fades too fast. That leaves black and I don't really want to use black.
I would by a small amount of the raptoliner (you will use it eventually). By some sample carpet and see what it turns out like. It maybe the totally wrong direction you want to go. If it works and you like it then dive into doing all your carpet.
There is a truck liner product that is also heat shedding. I will post a link.
I can just hear the next owner of the truck on here in the future-
"So I thought the floor was just linered over, but the POS PO linered over the carpet"

I would try some sound deadener then cover with custom cut vinyl mats. this link from the CSC Mud site
Cutting it into sections and Velcro it in place has been my idea for the longest time.

lizard skin would have to go under the truck to do its job. I would have to take the whole body off and treat the underside For the ceramic to deflect the heat. I does help some if you spray it inside but not as well.

Thanks to this thread I'm thinking getting a thick vinyl flooring and putting the oem carpet sections over top of that.
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You still haven't started this project yet, you lazy bastard? (Joking)

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