Condensator (PCV Oil Catch Can) install and 1 month results

Jun 20, 2012
Lafayette, CO

I like the funnel trick! My method has been a funnel that I cut so it fit tight. I'll try your idea some time, thanks!

I found if I put my oil fill cap down upsidedown like that, oil runs out of the the threads and into all those recesses under the cap. Then, when you put it back on the oil runs all over your valve cover. If I can remember, I try to put the cap right side up on a folded up paper towel.

Now that it's friken' cold, are you seeing more light colored frothy stuff in your jar? I'm running a small air compressor water trap without any filter. I am catching reasonable amounts of oil, enough to make me glad I put it in there. When it gets cold, I get more of a light colored mixture, which I think is moisture and oil.

Here are a couple shots, the first from 1/23 and the other from 1/28. I dumped it right after I took the 1/23 shot and wiped it out with a clean paper towel. I've probably driven it 100 miles on short trips of 5 to 10 miles each. In warmer weather, it looks like good old dark oil, like yours.

Thanks for your research! :beer:


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