clutch plate visibility?

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Jun 27, 2005
San Jose CA
Thought I was finally getting there. Pulled a wornout engine, put a 'new' F engine in, had lots of strange problems getting the mounts all lined up. Then I tried shifting it. The shifter won't go into gear.

Read some of the threads about this.

I really don't want to go through the motor mount issues again, so I may try to remove the tranny and xfer only.

Before I do that, can the clutch plate be viewed from underneath if the bottom cover is removed? (maybe the plate IS in backwards?)
Was the transmission in neutral when you installed the shifter? Another member had this issue and was able to put the trans in neutral with the aide of a large screwdriver with just the shifter removed.
"The shifter won't go into gear"? Your clutch plate orientation will not stop your trany from shifting. It will do all sorts of things just not that. I would try Byrons idea and go from there.
PHEW! Stuck a BF Screwdriver in and moved the round thing. Don't know what it was, but now I can shift. Was almost ready to drop the engine/tranny/xfer and start from ignorant start.

Thanks Byron! and Shawn
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