CLC Janurary 2015 Run - Schubarth Trail, Saturday 17th

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On my calendar...let it snow baby!:bounce:
I'll buy you a Growler of beer if you bring the 60!!

How about the same deal for the 2016 Schubarth run. :D A much more realistic goal.
Looking forward to breathin' some fresh mountain air on Saturday.

Hoping the snow sticks around for a while......or at least leaves us some nice mud holes to play in. :grinpimp:

The official 100 series track of the trip: Zappa and 50's doo-wop? Yes please! WPLJ!!!

Is there actually going to be any snow on your side of the range? Tire chains required?
I do believe this is the trail where every year someone slides into a tree. I don't think it happened last year but I do remember getting a little squirrelly down one of the sections.
This is starting to sound personal. I hit my tree on China Wall, not Schubarth.............
I was really hoping to make this one, but alas, yet another funeral to attend. At this rate, it will be mine soon...
Vic, see if you can spot "the old days" on this trail. I finally got around to taking care of the project... :)
Have fun!!!!!! Take the chains.
This is starting to sound personal. I hit my tree on China Wall, not Schubarth.............

Haha. But Vic, you did spin around sideways on a corner shelf a couple years ago... That made for an interesting winch event.

I think it was me that "allegedly" hit a tree on shubarth. Leon saw a tree bark scuff mark on my bumper corner- but I don't remember hitting any trees... ;)
Mine was Winding Stairs. I remember Vic getting sideways, that was some deep snow that run.
Sorry to hear the bad news Sam. I hope things are ok and or getting better. Prayers are with you and your only look about 38 so you got plenty of time to go wheeling.

It may have been chuck that bumped the tree. I was a newby and was just lurking around the forums when that was happening. I was sure Leon would remember.

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