Check engine/code reading OBDI

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94 use paper clip.

search it
There's a way you can use a paperclip to figure out what code is setting off your CEL. I've only read a little bit about it but never tried it. I'm sure someone will chime in.
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Probably in the FAQ...

EDIT: Maybe not... Here is a search I did that turned up a couple of threads, thought there is a slight variation in which terminals to short.

Codes for ODB1 are in the FAQ (believe it was LandSpeeder), but good side note if not there to include the paperclip.

IIRC, its E1 & TE1, PS side firewall little black box. Engine off, Connect paper clip, turn ignition to on (dont crank), count the flashes. 1 sec per number and 2.5 second pause between... or something like that.

Search will show the details.
Google "Toyota trouble codes".

Very first site will have complete instructions on how to pull codes, plus translations for all the codes.
With the ignition off, put a paper-clip between TE1 and E1 terminals under the gray check engine cover.
Get in the truck and turn the key to "on". Count the flashes. Pay close attention to the long and short flashes. The number of flashes will be the first digit of the code. Then you will have a short pause followed by more flashes. The number of flashes will indicate the second digit. I can't remember if the short flashes or long flashes come first, but it doesn't really matter. Once you have done that, you can post your results here, or google it. I would do both.

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