CDL not engaging.

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Jan 1, 2011
Kelowna BC, Canada
So here's the story. I took a hazard switch from a 3rd gen 4 runner and modded the tabs to make it activate the CDL. The CDL will engage of I put the t case shifter in 4 Low. What am I doing wrong? I guess the hazard switch could be faulty?
CDL activates anyway if you shift it to 4 Lo. No need for a switch to activate that way. I guess the switch is faulty or not properly connected. the 7-pin mod helps you engage/disengage as you please in Lo or Hi.
I had a friend from UT ask me today why his LX450 center diff doesn't disengage even when the light is off and the lever is in High range. I did some searches, but came up empty. Anyone have any ideas what would keep the center diff from unlocking? He hasn't done the CDL switch or the 7-pin mod.
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I would guess he lacks the 7 pin mod, in case he is in Lo and tries to disengage the CDL using the switch. If this is not the case, then I don't know what's going on.
Dragos80 is right, a working CDL switch should activate center locker to lock in hi range. Pin 7 mod will allow you to have full control of CDL when in low.
Thanks. I'll try a new switch. Then do the 7 pin mod.

The pin #7 mod is only for UNlocking the CDL while you're in low (where it locks automatically), it has nothing to do with what you're trying to accomplish right now. Try a new switch for that.
If I'm reading the issue correctly I had the same problem when I did the mod and it turned out to be the center differential actuator - lots of write ups on here - part #84222-12010 and a 27mm wrench.
^what leucadiacruiser said. What up KK6MBH?

You should jump the Center Diff Lock Indicator Switch with a paper clip to make sure this is your problem.

1. Find the Center Diff Lock Indicator Switch on your transfer case. Located towards the front. Disconnect the wires by depressing the tab on the connection. Clean the contact points. Bend a paper clip into a U-shape. Insert both ends into the female side of the plug. Turn your ACC on without starting your car. Your ABS and Diff Lock lights should be on. If this works proceed to step 2.

2. Remove the CDL Indicator Switch with a 27mm wrench. Give it some "love". Depress the ball, gently rub the ball while depressed with a clean shop rag.

3. Reinstall the switch and connect it. This worked for me. Now when I depress the dash CDL switch my ABS and Diff Lock lights are lit. If this does not work then a new switch is next.

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