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Aug 3, 2007
South Carolina
This article is posted on the MUD Home page and links to this site. Looks like a good kit for a great price.

Considering a CB for the 62 and I know nothing about it. Just wondering what some of you are running if at all. I know we've had this discussion before (back before OTMT '08). Looking for a little more info. Any suggestions?
I'm in the same boat as josh. Something else i was looking at was a HAM Radio intead of a cb. Any info on either would be great.
That looks just like my CB and I like mine, but I think mine has been hopped up (I can easily pick up truckers over 5 miles away). In any case, I think you need to look at what you want the CB for. If you're looking for something to communicate with the folks down in Hazzard County, you'll probably need a better setup. If you just want to be able to talk to us yahoos on the trail, I think this would do you fine.
I saw that and isnt it the same one that the kit was put together by a BLUE FORUM member and they started selling it? I think the one I saw was just for the FJ Cruiser though as they used a Bandi mount but pretty much the same thing.....full kit for around that price.

I have always heard good things about the Cobra...nothing to add on Uniden. I need one for my truck and was looking at the exact same setup pretty much...thanks for the link.
Uniden 510 and 520's are popular with 80 owners because they fit in the ashtray slot....Mine gave out after a couple of years (bought it used).
Carp, I dig the new avatar!

Yeah, I'm just looking for something to keep in touch while on the trail and caravaning on the highway from A to B. I have FRS that do fine but I know that lots of wheelers strongly suggest having CB (or require it for some rides). And, for that price, which is much less than I originally thought, I figure it can't hurt. The tunable tip antenna is pretty cool.

I figure it's another one of those "be prepared" things. Now, what's the advantage, if any, of HAM?
Thanks Josh.

I would think that this setup would work well for what you were mentioning, and isn't an arm or a leg or a firstborn. From what I can tell, and I'm sure some of our HAMmers will chime in, is that HAM is great for getting in touch with just about anybody from anywhere. Where the CB has a limited range, I think that the HAM can bounce off of repeater towers, or you take advantage of the HAM network to get help. I would imagine any expedition person would NEED a HAM radio, but for trail rides, I think it might be overkill, unless you're into cool gadgets...
This article is posted on the MUD Home page and links to this site. Looks like a good kit for a great price.

Considering a CB for the 62 and I know nothing about it. Just wondering what some of you are running if at all. I know we've had this discussion before (back before OTMT '08). Looking for a little more info. Any suggestions?

Save your money.

Seriously. When was the last time UC ever used a CB or Ham radio for communication. Heck we have a hard enough time having the little FRS radios around.

That being said I'm not planning on buying one until we start actually requiring them on runs. A cell phone works great for emergencies and the little FRS radios work great for short distances on the trail.

I think GMRS will be the radio of the future. Only time will tell.
Mine paid for its self as a radar detector on I85
CB is nice to have for multiple options. I usually carry both FRS and CB. We can put the group on CB and me and the wife on FRS to separate the chatter. I bought the Midland 75822 which is very similar to the Cobra. Also has NOAA weather channels.

The one advantage the Midland has is an additional separate power supply to use AA batteries and a smaller 10" detachable whip. With that setup you can carry it outside the vehicle like an FRS radio. I don't do that very often, but it has come in handy when spotting someone with a CB only in their rig.

We use the FRS 80% of the time and I'd suggest investing in some decent ones and not the $40/pair kind. The cheapies don't have good mic's in them and the electronics don't hold up if bouncing around on the floor of your truck the other weekends you are not wheeling. We got a pair of water proof Midland's with a charging base built for two. I forget the model number (GXT series I think), but it's got all the channels in FRS/GMRS and two different privacy filters.

PS: been considering this model for the wife's wagon. cheap price and basic controls. Thought it might be small enough to use that industrial-duty interlocking tape to hold it under the dash so we can remove it when not in use. $30.

Walcott is a great source of all CB stuff and they are selling the "FJ Forum Big Bill Combo" that Brock mentioned above. They also have a special on this Midland 100 with a mag antenna, $60. http://www.walcottcb.com/1001zms512-complete-cb-system-p-1216.html?cPath=340_377_379

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Thanks for all the tips guys! I think I'm leaning more in the direction of having one rather than not. Reason being: I remember OTMT last year. It was my first time driving trails of any kind and Woody was leading my group. "what channel are we on guys," he says. I'm the only one in the group of 6 UC trucks that didn't have cb so we had to borrow, beg and steal FRS for the whole group just so I could keep in touch. Felt like a tool. The next day Steen let me ride with him with an all GA cruisers ride. They all had CB. Communication was made easy.

I now have FRS. They're not the good one's BMT described but they will do the trick. And, I should probably look into GMRS too. Main problem is, I have no idea what I'm talking about so more reading is in order. If there are any websites/books/mags you suggest, please pass them along.
That last Midland is what I've got. Those handhelds are extremely hard to hear in a 40 with the doors down, going at about 60. The CB was much easier to communicate with. And if and when you get into spaces where there is no cell phones, i.e. OBX, I like having something hardwired to the truck, and next to impossible to lose...

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