Caster Shim Conundrum

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Apr 14, 2020
Rhode Island
Trying to imitate what @wngrog has done on most all of his builds, I ordered steel shims from Georg at Valley Hybrids and the 4Plus U Bolt flip kit. I’m trying to install now.

I got the old U bolts off, and I’m trying to put the shims on, but the long bolt that came with the shims doesn’t actually fit through the hole in them. Is it me? Doesn’t seem logical that the hole wouldn’t be big enough.

Maybe I don’t need the bolt and can just leave the old spring pin in place on my springs? Or I could drill out the shim hole to make it bigger?

@orangefj45 what am I doing wrong?


You definitely want the bolt going through to the plate into the perch. I would drill the plate. Before drilling the plate I would check the springs to make sure the new bolt fits through there. If it doesn't just go get four new bolts
I had to drill them as well…….. 3/8 bit will do it!
I just ordered the same thing and ran into the same problem. I'm glad you posted this.
I used a 3/8 bit like @imyahucklbrry and @A10Driver suggested and it fit perfect. I just used my cordless drill, since I don't have a drill press, but wasn't an issue. Then used the angle grinder to cut off the ~4" of excess bolt before putting the flip kit on.

Thanks @wngrog for explaining why Georg does it with the small hole, makes sense if you weren't doing the flip kit, it would have fit nice and snug on the existing pin.



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