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Jan 2, 2018
I recently bought a 1972 fj40, I am going to replace the carb becuase its in rough shape, been sitting a while, the tag on the carb says its a weber. Is that what came on these things from factory? OR is that a aftermarket that the previous owner put on? the little metal tab on the carburetor says "Weber, 74 2F C6" then below that it says "A 80 4". I have no idea what any of that even is. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks guys! Since i am going to replace it, is there a specific one anyone would suggest? its just going to be used as a commuter to town/take out to the ranch and cruise around, nothing special. Like i said i am pretty new at these.
Carb opinions are plentiful, take your pic. The Weber can be a very good carb if you take the actual time (and have the patience) to tune it correctly. They are relatively simple to clean and very easy to change jets on.

Others swear by the factory Aisin offerings or the Trollhole or Racer65 stuff. Reliable running is really all that matters so again, take your pick
Your 72 was shipped with an Aisan carb designed specifically for the F engine. It used a simple throttle cable, cable operated choke and had reliable mechanical secondaries.

Finding out why the Aisan was removed will be your challenge. Simply putting an Aisan back on might not solve the problem but will be a step in the right direction. My guess is, many Aisan’s got yanked when manifold leaks devoloped and or distributors had issue’s.

Here’s a thread in which 3 carb guru’s chime in on. 65swb45, FJ40Jim, Weber Sarge. Search those 3 if you want more carb info.

Replacing carb, what to choose

You can call Mark’s Off Road if you want a dialed in Japanese carb. He will port the base so you can upgrade to a vacuum advance dissy. I bet he could also set you up with good NIPPONDENSO dissy converted to Pertronix.

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