Camping Suggestions for NH in October

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Jul 17, 2020
Old Saybrook CT
So I got an LX and am on track to finish it up for a road trip to NH in October. Anybody got any good suggestions on places to camp there? I wouldn’t mind something a little off the beaten path but not so extreme I’d scare the crap out of my never been off-roading wife. Thanks in advance.
How about you check out this Fall Gathering...been to it once, great wheeling, good folks, nice campground....

I'll second joining us for the Fall Gathering. Stock to break something trails.

The campground is very basic, it is used as a staging area. No real amenities.

Bathrooms and showers but the building was not heated.

Yankee Toys is a great group of people. Very family oriented event. The stock runs are well attended.

If not, there is also:

2 sites to search:

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Thanks peeps! I wish I could get that time off. It’s better and worse in that I get the week after Columbus Day. No tourists, no traffic, but no conventions either.
There is lots of good camping in NH. Jericho state park is kind of neat because there are remote sites along the wheeling trails there.

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