Broke the Dam.

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Nov 23, 2015
Pampa, Texas
I had a little condensation and some water in my passenger floorboard when the ac was on for extended periods. Did a little research and did the ol' weed eater string trick to the ac drain tube... WOW!!! I was NOT expecting that... I bet about a gallon of water drained out... (half of it on my face and chest before I slid out of the way)... It drained out for a solid minute once the gunk and slime washed out of the tube.
If it was that bad you should probably pull the evaporator to clean all the gunk out of it. There are some good write ups on that here, only take an hour or two.
My AC blows crazy cold... should I still clean it out???
If its blowing cold, doesn't smell at all, and isn't leaking it's probably fine to leave it alone. That said, they do get pretty nasty, heres what mine looked like, some are much worse.

Now go get those ac condenser cleaner to give it a good cleaning, I bet it's quit nasty in there right now.
The condenser sits in front of the radiator, pretty sure you mean evaporator ;)
The intake side is where the evap core can develop a leak IME, the tubes corrode from the outside in due to the constant moisture held against the tubes from the wet leaves, worse if you live in the rust belt or near the ocean IME. New replacement Toyota evaporator coils come with a bluish anti-rust coating. If you buy an aftermarket Denso coil they do not appear to have that coating, however HVAC supply houses sell a product called CoilGuard, serves the same purpose as the coating on the Toyota part. FWIW.

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