Brake Light question....

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May 14, 2008
Johnson City, TN
1997 LX450

After driving for a hundred or so miles my dash brake light comes on - not ABS - but the one that indicated parking brake is set. It does not come on "full force" as if the parking brake is set, but rather is fairly dim but constant. I do not get this while driving about town; only on "trips". I have checked each time this has happened to see if something might have set the parking brake at all - each time it is clear and not set. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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*New radiator is in and working fine is seems; I know I need to get another temp gauge - brand suggestions and mounting suggestions? I am still throwing an O2 sensor code although the PO just put new Denzos in it before I bought it. What do I check next?
There's a brake fluid level sensor in the cap of the master cylinder.

Either you're low on brake fluid, or (just as likely) the sensor is bad.

If your fluid level is fine and it's still coming on, you can test the sensor by unplugging it. No more light = bad sensor.

I had that too when I had a long trip to Canada two years ago. Had the truck checked in Lexus dealer near Buffalo, NY. but nothing was found. It only happened when I was driving for a long distance (more than 2 hour drive). Though, I don't recall ever see it on again after the brake fluid change, neither have I driven more than 2 hour trip. So I still don't know whether the problem is gone or not.
There are only two things that trigger that light, the sensor on the parking brake (when you pull it "on"), and the fluid reservoir sensor. I have had it flutter on/off when fluid level is low.
Low brake fluid will also cancel your cruise control.

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