BJ60 and FJ60 parts or whole

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Jun 25, 2006
Ridgefield, WA
United States
Well, I'm in an interesting spot... to keep the peace in the house I'm putting my two rigs up for sale.

The wife unit isn't too happy with my new obsession and would just as soon see me sell them off as finish my swap project. If I don't get any takers I'm going to pull the 3B and drive train from my 81 BJ60 and put into an nice 85 FJ60. If you're interested in taking over either or both rigs, let me know ASAP. The swap project is scheduled to start the first week of May.

BJ has a reasonable frame and some minor body rust -- enough to preclude investing money to make the rig comfortable enough for my wife to go anywhere with me, at least too rusty for me to justify the investment.

The B3 is very strong. I've heard tales of these being gutless, but mine has been suprisingly powerful. (It won't go 65 up a 10% grade, but it will easily maintain 70+ if asked to do so. 3.7 axles keep it well under redline.) Transmission needs fluid and clutch is due.

The FJ is nice. No rust!!! A few dings and a missing tail light keep it from perfect. 16.5 mpg on the freeway. A little low on fuel pressure and needs a new thermostat. I've just been too busy and needed the rig running to take it apart and fix. Just drove from Wichita to Portland and it did fine. NO RUST. Not even a dusting on the frame rails. Just the expected patina on the original exhaust. Oringal beige. Hood needs fresh paint from an aparent engine fire from before I bought it. Current engine shows no sign of burning. I assume it was a fresh rebuild, but no documents to say. Transmission is smooth as silk.

If someones wants to take the whole project off my hands speak up now. $11k for both rigs and a few spare parts I've collected.

Next week the BJ goes to a friendly shop to be dismantled in prep for the swap. If no takers by then, the remainder of the BJ will be available for parts. Let me know what you need.

If the BJ comes apart, then I'll also have a the 2F, H42 and tcase up for sale as well.

Drop me a PM and let me know what you need. Feel free to make fair offers.
If the BJ has a FF rear axle, I'll take it (for a reasonable price, of course).
I'm not sure if the axles are FF. (Does this stand for full floating?) How can I tell?

The axle code is K052 -- 9.5" ring gear, 3.70 ratio, 2 open spider gears.
If it's a full floater it will have hubs sticking out of the rear wheels.

Wish I had the cash considering how close you are....
Is the BJ carpeted or is there vinyl on the floor?
The BJ flooring is brown LC vinyl. There is a small blister near the the shifter, presumably from a dropped cigarette. No holes or tears.
I would be very interested in the 2F. The results from a compression check would seal the deal.
The BJ flooring is brown LC vinyl. There is a small blister near the the shifter, presumably from a dropped cigarette. No holes or tears.

I am very interested in the vinyl. Pm me your price if you want to sell it
and also how to get ahold of you. I live in SE and wouldn't mind coming
and taking a look at what you got.....thx

Yeah! I get to keep the project. The time to sell everything has expired and now I get to keep it!

Thanks for everyone's interest both by post and PM. If I haven't gotten back to you about parts it's because I'm collecting info to answer your questions. I'll get back to you shortly.

Next week I'll be dismantling the BJ and removing the drive train from the FJ. There are still many good parts left. Get them while they're hot.

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