SOLD Birmingham, AL: SteelCityRacing 06 Limited v8 4602 4Runner

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  1. 4Runner
We’re gauging interest in our Steel City Racing 4Runner. Sadly we can't race King of the Hammers 2022 due to changing priorities, so we are seeing if a qualified buyer is out there. It’s arguably the most capable 4th Gen 4Runner ever built, but is also highly versatile given we designed it for 4 Potential Uses:

Race Ready: It’s Ultra4 banded and ready to race events including King of the Hammers, the World’s Hardest Offroad Race. We placed 10th in the 4600 Stock Class at KOH 2020, but missed 2021 due to COVID.

Trail Ready: It’s arguably the most capable 4th Gen v8 4Runner ever built. It’s built to tackle any bucket list trail including the Rubicon, Moab, Johnson Valley, Black Bear, and any others you want to throw at it.

Overland Ready: It is ready long adventures as an Overlanding Vehicle given the reliable and efficient 4Runner platform, interior space/design, and overkill modifications. We’d probably add a roof rack for extra storage and a few specific overlanding items.

Driver Ready: It can serve as a daily driver with a few minor modifications. To avoid too many looks, we’d definitely swap out the race doors, hood, rear hatch, and fenders with the OEM Limited sets that are included in the sale. Peel off the vinyl wrap, unbolt the cage for extra interior room if hardcore trails aren’t in its future, add a windshield, and put the OEM interior back in. The rear cargo area would be the only non-OEM looking section given the fuel cell is needed with the rear 4-Link setup. We’ll include the original OEM tank, pump, and sender as well just in case the rear suspension is ever changed to accommodate the OEM tank and free up the cargo area again.

With six figures and countless build, prep, and race hours invested over the past few years, we have put a lot into this build. A Full 2-Page Build Sheet is attached. We plan on being selective throughout this process in order to make sure this vehicle ends up in the right hands. Please DM us if you’re interested in discussing it further. @steelcityracing4x4

The truck is in Birmingham, AL. 30 Pics and details can be found on our Facebook Post here:

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Unfortunately we couldn't make KOH again this year for a variety of reasons. So, it's time for us to gauge interest in the 4602 4Runner and take it from here:

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