Bigtbone's 93 Build Thread

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Aug 1, 2013
New to the FJ80 world having bought a virtually stock 93 with 200k miles just 10 days ago or so. Not new to building fun stuff, but its been a few years. Last cool 4x4 was a 2000 Excursion with 8" lift and 40s sold way back in 2005. Have some plans for this one.

Took it into a Landcruiser specialty shop here in Portland so they could give me a baseline. Overall the truck is in great condition albeit with a few issues. I could see them when I purchased it, but wanted to know more. They were able to confirm no other major issues except:
1. Brakes are shot all the way around.
2. Front axle leaking at the left hub.
3. Suspension shot

So the build has begun. Here's what I've ordered so far:
1. Front and rear OEM rotors, and reman front calipers
2. OEM brake pads, 100 series for the front
3. Stainless braided lines to replace all the rubber lines, extra length to accommodate a lift
4. OEM axle rebuild kits
5. Sierra 4.88 ring and pinion set, found on Craigslist for $275 shipped.

Here's what I have yet to order that will be part of this project in no particular order:
1. Lift springs and shocks. I haven't decided yet what brand. This lift will only be on the truck for a year or so, so will only be basic for now. Will order by next week.
2. Replacement leather for all three rows. The carpet and the rest of the interior are actually in really good shape. Will also add LED bulbs to the lights and instruments.
3. Stereo upgrade, the oem stuff sucks. 12" JLW3, Alpine PDXv9 amp, 4 Rockford Fosgate coaxial 6.5".
4. Monstaliner two tone exterior. Have not decided on the scheme or colors yet. Just got the samples yesterday. Also have not decided about the oem roof rack or the fender flares whether they will stay or go. Leaning toward removal.
5. New HID headlights in new housings and LED tail lights.
6. 315 tires. Not sure about brand. Eventually want to go with 37" Procomp mud terrains, but tires are stupid expensive. Probably going to be scanning Craigslist for a good used set for now.
7. Bumpers. This is a tough one. My truck will likely not be heavily wheeled like many of yours. Thinking of something narrow for the front and rear with integrated high intensity LED lighting. Meeting with a local guy that builds cool s*** once he returns from Burning Man lol.
8. 1" body lift. I have never been a fan of body lifts in the past. I've seen a few on the FJ80 and they look good. Again, not positive on this, but leaning towards it.
9. Down the road I would like to add a turbo, upgrade the fuel system and management. These trucks are turds, but after doing some research and talking to a few people I know I don't want to do an engine swap.

Feel free to offer up advice and criticism. I will post up pics of the progress once parts begin to arrive. Since trying to control costs closely, this will be a driveway and garage build. I live in Lake Oswego, OR, so any locals who want to swing by and give me a hand, I can pay you in beer and cereal.
Welcome :flipoff2:

I make it up that way every now and again. Check out Cascade Cruisers club. There is a good amount of 80 support in the PDX area.

I'll be up for the Cruisin the Woods last weekend of Sept.

The boxes of parts are starting to pile up. Gonna dive into the front axle rebuild on Friday. This is my first FJ80 axle so I imagine it will take a few hours. I got an FSM that should make things a bit less intimidating. Once the birf soup is removed and everything cleaned up then the brake job begins. Front brakes get new extended stainless steel lines, oe rotors, reman calipers and 100 series pads. The rear gets extended stainless steel lines, oe rotors and pads. Once the brakes road test well, then its onto the suspension. Went with the TJM +3" springs and basic shocks. Caster correction via radius arm drop brackets and the sway bar will have drop brackets as well. Hopefully all goes smoothly and can get it all done over the weekend. Still have not decided on what 315 tire yet. It will be a mud terrain, just not sure what brand yet.

Once all that is done, there are still a bunch more on the punchlist and parts to order., I plan on a complete exterior Monstaliner job. That will be a whole long weekend all in itself. Have a 4.88 r&p set, but going to hold off installing them for now. Bumpers and sliders will follow once I decide what brand I want. New leather and stereo upgrades over the winter. Pics coming soon.

Well, I've made significant progress but still have some work to complete before moving on to the bodywork, bumpers, etc. Overall I'm very happy with the suspension components and the stance and ride characteristics and love the Goodyear MTR Kevlars.

The rear brake overhaul was a breeze, frankly suprised how easy this job was. The suspension installation was a bit more difficult but straightforward. All the work was done in my driveway almost completely by myself. Luckily my brother in law was back in town to give me a hand. Rear sway bar drops, springs and shocks are simple to install. Up front the right side shock installation took 5 minutes while the spring needed some extra motivation. The driver's side shock removal and reinstallation sucked. Getting to the top mount hardware is difficult. Loosened the master cylinder to gain a bit more clearance. The spring required similar rubber mallet motivation. The most difficult aspect was the radius arm drop brackets. The cats make it difficult to remove the oe bolt. A bit of grinding made it possible. I made a mistake during the installation and forgot to loosen the abs wiring attachment points. I realized it part way through but it was a bit too late. I have an ABS light amd will need to repair whatever I screwed up.

Still need to complete the front brake overhaul and install the extended stainless steel brake lines. Perhaps this weekend.

Jury still out on whether to do the 1" body lift or not. Got a quote for removal and reinstallation of the rear quarter windows and hatch glass. There are small areas of rust that I need to address when I do the Monstaliner. I still have not finalized my paint scheme or colors yet.

Overall I'm very happy with choosing an FJ80 project. Great trucks. Here's a pic of the progress so far.

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