Barker Ranch burned down

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I'm in utter shock and saddened beyond belief and the reckless or intentional destruction of that historic building. Un:censor:ing believable. :mad:
I hope it was an accident, though still inexcusable
This sucks.:mad: Barker Ranch is one of the places I am going to try and get to this year.
that is a real bummer. Hopefully some volunteer groups will organize to put it back together. And hopefully it doesn't give the nps a reason to strip access.
A few photo memories of our first trip to the ranch in 2006.

Last time we were there in 2007
We rode through Goler last Thursday on our XR's and decided to skip a stop there due to time and gas limitations- Heard the news from a couple of guys at Mengel pass and if I would have had enough gas- I would have gone back to see it for myself and take a few pictures. Kind of glad I didnt- cause it would have bummed me out.

We also were bummed to find out they took a blade up Pleasant Canyon wiping out some sensitive wet areas. The willows where the springs are flowing were all burned out - either intentionaly or acidentaly- not sure how, but I could probally drive my wifes car up there now. :frown:

Word is that mining has resumed at the World Beater and that is why the road was improved. Spoke to a Ranger at Furnace Creek and asked him very tersly how they could justify doing that to Pleasant Canyon and still keep Suprise Canyon closed.:confused:

Sad to think of what has happened to that area in the last 30 years due to thoughtless ass-hats and political dumb asses. And it's even sadder to think of whats to come. Enjoy your freedoms while you can.


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