Axle leaking into hub, I just repacked bearings, how far can I drive before bearings are destroyed?

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Jul 3, 2012
Columbia MO
I might have to make a drive to Tulsa. 750 miles round trip towing 4,000lbs. Don't know if I will have time to fix my axle seals before I have to go. Life is crazy right now.

Will 750 miles be too much for freshly packed bearings? The axle leak seems pretty bad. I'd love feedback.

I fully understand this is not the optimal way, but want to know what you guys think? Option is to rent a tow vehicle at a cost of about $800.

Option: anyone want to loan their tow rig, or provide the tow? Again, don't laugh at the questions, I'm sort of stuck in a tight spot. Tow will occur Sunday May 19th back late on the 20th.
are you able to keep 80-90 weight in axle, or is it really leaking out that quickly?
Front or rear axle?
Sight unseen I'd say go for it. My 94 leaked for a long time before I ever dug into it, way more than 750 miles. The question is do you have backwards contamination? What I mean is, is your gear oil getting soupy because it's contaminated with grease? After the 2nd time doing axle seals on my 94 I came to the realization that my plugged diff breather was causing the axle to over pressure and contaminate with the birfield.
Thanks Halk K and all. Leak seems pretty bad. Repacked passenger front bearings and the next weekend I went to replace studs and it was full of gray soup. Not sure if it's letting bearing grease back into axle? Hope not. Not sure I was going to have time to repair before May 20. Update.... the car I was going to haul for a "tune", well, the engine has been destroyed and is being rebuilt now by my son and his shop friends. I will check my breathers! I will closely monitor loss of gear oil. I plan to do a complete axke/hub rebuild and fix the axle seal, swipes, etc. I might have time now? I will report back on what I find. Rig has been parked since this posting except for short trips around town. You guys are awesome! The feedback is most appreciated!!!!

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