Anyone Parting out a FJ60/62???

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Oh, and some 31 x 10.50's or 33 x 12.50 All terrain tires, don't care how much tread is left, just need to get rid of the mudders.....
Can't help with the rear window as its already gone.., but check our thread in the STLCA clubhouse and see if there's anything you need. I can bring anything with me to GSMTR if you'll be there or someone from UC can drag it back to you..

PM me if anything catches your eye...we still have most stuff.
I have a rear window and tires 31x10.50. Plenty of tread left though. They are in Rome, GA but as Chattfj40 pointed out, he could get them to GSMTR. Also, I may be getting some parts to a guy who lives in Charlotte this week. I'll PM you.
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I still have my parts 60 and have some 31's on stock rims with very little tread. Hit me up with a PM.

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