Anyone making trip to Charleston ???

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Feb 19, 2008
Anyone going to be down in Charleston area and then returning to the Upstate in next week or two that could carry up a roof rack for me? I sold my oem rack and the buyer is in Upstate.....and he cant meet me tomorrow in Columbia (halfway point) and I cant meet him on Saturday due to our club meeting here in Charleston.

If anyone can carry it up and then either drop it off to him or hold it until he can come pick it up it would be greatly appreciated.

It is in one piece now but can remove cross bars and make more compact if needed...

Thanks for any help...

If you find someone, Doc is holding some shackles for me, maybe they could hitch a ride too...
Doc may take it himself back to Sumter so there will be two things sitting there....hahahahaha

If that is the case then we would only need transport from Sumter to Upstate...:D
Well if for some reason Doc cant get it up to Sumter at least....I will get with you on your next trip to the Holy City.

Unless we can;'t load the thing no problem in getting it to Sumter, I can't guarantee when I will be leaving sumter however (we now have a vacancy in sumter) so I'll just keep it in the shop.

Carp if you get in a hurry I could ship them too you but any way there here also.:)
Carp if you get in a hurry I could ship them too you but any way there here also.:)

Doc, no problem, I'm in no hurry. Gotta do some more work, so when the UC Shipping Company gets them up here, that's fine :D
The rack is up in Sumter at if anyone gets over towards Sumter and does not mind carrying about 15# of roof rack parts....2 rails and 4 would be greatly appreciated.

New owners name is Dustin Williams...up your way. Dont think he is a UC member so might be good opportunity to get him on board. Here is his if you are able to help him out with getting the rack from IndianDoc's place in Sumter.

How long is the roof rack? I'm be heading down to charleston next month, but i'll be in a nissan altima.

the side rails are about 7 feet long...will fit in a 60/62 or a FJ if packed right or strapped to top but likely too much for your altima unless you stick them through the windows...LOL Thanks anyhow.
Hey Brock / Carp -

I may be heading down on the weekend of the 24th... I'll keep you posted.

Cool...IndianDoc has the rack in parts at his place in Sumter if you can make the run that would be great. The guy may drive and get himself so if you dont hear from me dont worry about it...thanks.
Doc has some wheels for me too. I am trying to get a date set to go visit him but it is a good 4-5hour haul for me one way. I will let you know if and when I go.

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