Anybody going to Cruise Moab

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Mar 27, 2003
Gallatin Gateway, MT
I'm leaving a week from Sunday. and coming home the following Sunday 81......, Spike, BTR, and some other crap...........

I'm meeting the NorCal group in Hanksville on Saturday and we're going to get lost in the Maze for about 5 days (that's why I need the fuel cans), plan on getting to Moab about Wed or Thursday. I'll probably do a couple of runs (riding along, I have no trails reserved), and leave Saturday.

after camping for a week, I think I'll treat myself to a motel.

That what I did last time, and it was a good choice.


My brother will be there, green LC with all the trimmings plus a chevy diesel with a huge trailer, two kids, wife and dog. From Colorado. I am sure you will find them!:D
I would love to wife would KILL me...she is due on the 17th of June. Maybe next year.
Same deal for Surf and Turf this year for me...............Due date of Nov 5th..
Heading out tomorrow 4/27 with my 5yr old son, camping along the way couple places...maybe grand staircase.

Wed/Thrus: overnight run, Friday Kane Creek, Sat: Golden Spike

Should be in Moab tuesday mid day, say hi if you see a two tone green/gray dirty wagon.

Have my CB on channel #4 if want to get in touch.


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