Antenna Winch Control

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Jan 12, 2006
Ladner, BC, Canada
I have a 1994 80 series with the power antenna. As I assume they all are, there is an up and a down with the ability to stop the antenna where you like. Could the up/down control be wired to a winch control box? It would seem like a good way to control your winching from inside. The only negative being kids maybe playing with it. I am not mechanical or electrically inclined so maybe it isn't possible but I am sure someone here knows if it is possible and how.
Greg, I did this on my 91. They use a different switch in the early trucks and mine had a contact that I had to remove inside to make it work properly. Email me if you want more details.
Howdy! Mine is setup this way. Done by the PO. I think it may of been a Slee kit, but not sure. It is mounted in the top, left corner of the dash. I think it requires several relays under the hood to complete the setup. John
I thought about it but never bothered. The buttons are very small, and it's mounted high up on the dash, so the chance of a finger slipping during winching is pretty high.

Plus alot of winches come with wireless remotes now that will work inside and out.
The only negative being kids maybe playing with it.

Wire it up so that it only works with the ignition ON and put the switches in the cluster up by the door so your passenger won't hit it.

Mine is set up with a master on/off switch (works only with ignition ON) and that's it. Winch power is a defog switch, lower left, relabelled with a winch icon. IN/OUT switches upper left, labelled IN and OUT.


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