Another Slee Shortbus bumper Install

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Feb 26, 2004
It arrived less than a week after I ordered it. Unfortunately something this big has to be shipped by freight, but Christo found a place not too far from me and I was able to pick it up. The size and weight of the bumper make it a breeze to load up and carry home.

The size and weight also make it much easier to install. The bumper is VERY nicely made and fits over the frame horns like a glove. Bolted on with 6 bolts per frame rail, this thing isn’t going anywhere.

The install was extremely easy. The stock bumper comes off with 4 bolts and then this one goes on with 12 bolts all in the same general area and all using factory threaded holes.

I don’t have a winch yet. I expect to drop in an M8000 next week. I put the stock tow hooks on, but I realize that most people don’t. I will probably leave them on for variety of reasons. As you can see the AC dryer is exposed. At first it’s an eyesore, but a little bit of black paint hides it pretty well. I haven’t decided what I’ll do about it yet. I may just leave it.

The rig is completely stock. Sagging stock springs and 31s. OME 2.5” lift is going on this weekend and 33s are going on next week. Speaking of tires. I’m going with MTRs, and I want about 33”, which leaves me with the choice of 285/75R-16s or 305/70R-16s. I’m leaning towards the 305s because I think they’ll fill out the lift a little better. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on these tires…especially the 305?

Here's some pics. I bolted up a pair of lights I had lying around just to see what it would look like. I’ll post some install pics later tonight. Ya, I know...the factory tow hooks kind of defeat added ground clearance if you put 'em back on.
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You don't like the slee recovery points?

Like it. Love it. Own it.
Actually I have them on there to give me something to strap the axle too when I remove the control arms. The tow hooks will likely be removed when I'm all done and shackles put in Slee's tow points. I actually love Slee's design. Looks nice and beefy.

That's what I want mine to look like when it grows up.

How much was that and who did you order from?
I was just thinking the same thing about the inverted lights, would they fit okay?
you'd have a funny looking nut and wire sticking out of the top though, unless you fabbed up some custom looming to hide it and run down the pipe.

Mine is closer to the fender molding than yours, what year?

I'm going to move the condensor up as well.
You can only get that bumper at , where you'll find the price and more information on it on the main page.

Eric, I may be just slow to notice, but those are your pictures of the shortbus on Slee's site aren't they?

That design is starting to grow on me (especially since the color of the LC it is mounted on :grinpimp: ).

Eric, I may be just slow to notice, but those are your pictures of the shortbus on Slee's site aren't they?


Yep. Snowstorm and all.

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