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Nov 12, 2017
Falcon CO
Hey Fellas
I've been contemplating buying a late model LC the last month or so. Maybe a 2013-2016 model year.
Thinking under 50,000 miles is a good target vehicle.

Here is my dilemma,
I have a 2016 4Runner TRD Pro kitted w/ Toytec lift, Front Runner roof rack, and a custom built shelving system behind the second row seating. Sitting on 33" Terra Grapplers. The T4R, has all the traction aids (Locking rear diff, Crawl Control, Terrain Response) but lacks KDSS. No Aftermarket bumpers, Sliders, Lights, etc,,,,,
So the 4Runner is basically pretty stock, with just enough kit for reliable backcountry travel here in the southwest US.
It has all the interior amenities I want in a truck. and after almost a year of ownership it only has 7,500 miles on it. ( I ride Motorbikes more than drive, and when I recreate in the 4Runner it gets trailered to 4 Corners area of the US).

I've owned Two Land Cruisers in the distant past,, a 77 FJ40 and an 86 FJ60,,, Numerous Land Rovers, and Jeeps,

If I bought the 200 I'd likely only do a few modifications. 2-3"suspension lift (Icon maybe, Had a nice kit on my FJCruiser) 33" tires, and a Front Runner Roof rack. The truck will most defiantly see off road service duty. Not super difficult, hard core rock crawling, but lots of desert miles filled with deep sand, full wheel articulation and corrugated travel.

I know I'd be sacrificing a significant amount of fuel economy, I'm getting around 15-16 off pavement with the 4Runner, and when you're in the backcountry that adds up to quite a range difference between the 2 trucks.

Would the 2016 platform be in any way mechanically a better choice than a 13,14,or 15 model year?

So i'm open to hearing advice from any of you that switched from a 4Runner to the 200.


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I would only trade, if you are looking for more space, comforts/toys, or power.
I wonder if the answer is in what you've already stated:

"It has all the interior amenities I want in a truck. and after almost a year of ownership it only has 7,500 miles on it."

".........enough kit for reliable backcountry travel here in the southwest US"

"I know I'd be sacrificing a significant amount of fuel economy...."

Sounds like the 4R Pro is a keeper?
The ride comfort of the LC is superior to the 4Runner. I test drove a 2016 and a couple 2008 units. Even with 160,000 miles on the 08's, no rattles, squeaks, or poor road manners. The LC did feel heavy but very stable on tar roads at cruising speeds. Much quieter than the 4Runner.
Unfortunately, I can't find a dealer that will let the test ride include a good romp thru some forest track to see the true off road capabilities of the 200. I have seen some very impressive videos on YT in stock trucks that truly impress.

I imagine that the LC will be much more comfortable doing long days of rough corrugated travel. I remember how comfortable my Land Rover LR3 was in the bush. I'm certain the 200 would be just as compliant.

There is some exclusivity with the Land Cruiser also.

But just as important as comfort, where I go, fuel economy is also measured as a priority. It can be a long distance from gas pump to gas pump. A couple 20L cans are always on board in the 4Runner.
And I hate the thought of giving up the locking rear diff, I'm not to keen on having an aftermarket diff installed in the LC for reliability reasons. Maybe my fear of this is completely unjustified. Possibly all the traction aids the new LC has eliminates the need for a true locking rear differential?

Anyway,, I'll keep reading through the forum, gathering information and weighing my options.

I traded my 15 4R for a 15 200. Needed the extra space but had always wanted a LC and the wife hated the ride of the 4R. It’s a daily driver so haven’t done much to the 200 yet, but will eventually, and have loved the 200 so far.
Nothing against the 4Runner in general, but if you are ever going to make the switch, now is probably a good time.
1. The 4Runner is loooong overdue for a major redesign, and whenever that does finally hit, your 4Runner's value will most likely drop big time compared to now.
2. The TRD Pros are commanding high dollars, even used. Good for you.

Personally, I think there is SO much more value in a used 200 versus a new, or almost-new 4R that I would seriously consider the swap if you can do it for anywhere near similar $$.

The mods you mention adding to the LC will easily outclass the TRD Pro's modestly upgraded suspension, and then you're suddenly in the Cruiser's entirely different class of 4x4 TANK in terms of power, refinement, build quality/strength.
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I made the move up. My 4Runner LTD was the best vehicle I had ever owned, until I got my 2013 200. I needed more power for towing in that the 4Runner isn't even close to the 200's ability. No regrets except for the MPG's.
Definitely a step up in room, power, comfort and exclusivity. I can see the want, not the need b/c your 4Runner is quite a nice setup, but I can understand the want and that's always been good enough for me. :)

It probably is a good time to make the move if you are going to do so. @Markuson nailed it with the reasoning. Really to me the only glaring thing you definitely give up is maneuverability but honestly the modern 4Runner while capable is no trail ballerina.

Also, while the 200 gives up MPG's to the 4R on and off road, it doesn't take a huge kick in the nuts with it's off-road MPG's. Best way to describe it is it just sucks all the time but it doesn't take a major dip in my experience. Ideally the aftermarket aux tanks pan out as that will be the golden ticket for the 200 as range is really the achilles IMO.
I've had every gen of 4runner except the current and looked hard at replacing my wife's old FJ with one.... liked the look of the TRD and size but couldn't get over lack of power or ability to add it... the LC isn't much larger inside if you're looking for more room but it's an amazing rig to cover ground in - especially with a light build - unless you go over 33's the power and cruise ability are there all the time. I rented a Sport 4runner while in denver and it was underwhelming in the hills...

and I'd echo the others if you're thinking of it - the time is now.... Pro's have held their value much like the FJ's .... but that could change if the new model pops...

I still wish I had my 84' 4runner.... that 22r was a sewing machine...

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