A flared out quarter panel

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Feb 1, 2009
Portland, OR
So this is kind of odd. I bought a bj42 project. It's in pretty good shape, pretty low rust and it was the right price. It wasn't until I got it home I notice the quarter panels a little over halfway down to the wheel wells are flared outward. It's barely noticeable but there is two distitive planes on the quarter panels, they are the same on both sides, and its too uniform to suspect it's damage. I'm not a cruiser expert but I thought all cruiser the face of the quarter panel was completely straight? I suspect that made the previous owner did it as a home job quarters as a way to build in fender flares to better cover larger tires without utilzing the bolt on type.

I attempted to take a pic but could not manage to get the flare to show up in the picture. I suspect I might have to buy a new set of quarters for it as they probably won't be so sutle once paint gets on them.

quarter panel.jpg
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Just guessing without pics. Not sure if your’s is Japanese spec but there was a flared sheet metal flare that came with some models. May have just been the mid - wheel bases though.

Lot’s of pics here:

Interesting. Mine is from canada but maybe the previous owner got some sheet metal from japan................ I took a few pics but you can't tell from the pics.
Those are not original wheel wells. Who ever replaced them are the one who did that. Before pictures I thought maybe oversize tires had hit the wheel wells and bowed them out but doesn't appear to be the case.
I took a few pics but you can't tell from the pics.
It’s easy to tell that those are homemade wheel openings. Changed/welded, far from original.
X3. Not stock. Definitely modified. Maybe they rusted and this is the repair?
Sharp corners where the wheel well changes direction and raw edge verse a rolled lip all point to something home made.
Wide tires can do that for sure, but not stock fender either.

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