97 lx450...strange electrical...help please

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Nov 11, 2004
here is the situation.....changed out the battery in the lx...hooked the battery cables back up...engine starts fine...however...i have lost power to the radio....the controls on the ac/heat and the clock...checked the fuses all appeared to be fine....what next fellas?...thanks in advance for the help


i did search...but i have an impatient son and thought i could speed the process by just asking for help
Could be the fusible links. They are in the little plastic "box" that is inline with the positive battery cable, near the terminals.
i will check those asap...new info from son...this ipod thingy got stuck in the cigarette lighter and when i dug it out it sparked.....hmmm would this have any bearing on this...the fuse to the cig lighter is blown....thanks firetruck

one burnt fuse...ie the cig lighter would not prevent other items from working would it?...thanks

Test all electrical circuits to find everything that doesn't work. Look at electrical wiring diagram to locate the common connection between all the things that aren't working.

You can't tell the adequacy of a connection by looking at it. You need to test the voltage on the wire when the circuit is loaded or turned on.
The cig fuse in toyota vehicles historically control much more than just the cig lighter. Kind of like the dome fuse. I wouldn't doubt that it's causing your probs, but be super sure to check those fusible links, though.
wooohoooo...got it!...it was indeed the cig fuse causing the problem...thanks for all the help fellas...when i started looking my son "forgot" to tell me about digging the ipod thingy out of the lighter and the sparks that resulted from his efforts...again thanks



Glad you found it. x2 on fuses. I have had ones "break" close to the edge, so even when pulling and frustrated missed the fact it was burnt.

EDIT: and just for future record/reference that some know and some don't; there is the fuse panel inside the truck and a fuse panel under the hood.

Just found this post after pulling my hair out trying to chase down why my clock and AC wouldn't work mid install on a new radio. I must have shorted out the cig lighter leads mid dash pull or install.

A buddy and I had chased down every fuse tied to the radio and AC, including the links and replaced several.

Very helpful - it is as if all of you involved with this post sent me a gift. I laughed out loud when the AC came on. Thanks.
Even when fusible links look ok you should test them with a volt meter. Once had one blow under the screw that held it down. After i failed to find the problem i paid a mechanic $50 to figure it out for me. Good thing the tow was covered by my insurance.

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