95 bumper paint question

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May 19, 2020
Athens GA
I am new to restoring a 95 cruiser and my paint guy asks me if the entire bumper is painted with these codes or just the front and rear extensions. I want it to come back to me being as close to factory original as possible. Anyone know the answer to his question??? . So the question is what is the middle of the bumper's color ??? Thanks for any help you can give me on this!!!!!


  • Paint color codes.pdf
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The front bumper is all one color. There should/could be a chrome trim that fits on the top and the vents in the front bumper should be black. The rear bumper wide wings should be the same grey color as the front bumper. Also chrome top trim for the rear. The center part of the rear bumper is the frame rear cross-member and should be black with the aluminum step on top.
No chrome top for front and I believe rear bumpers for the 95-97 years. The chrome accents were 91-94.

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