9" DVD headrest installation

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Nov 16, 2006
Aspen, CO
So I got sick of the wires everywhere with the portable DVD players, between power cords, headphones, etc., it was only a matter of time before someone accidentally got strangled on a road trip in our 80.

After winning and selling a Foxwing Awning at CM10, I had some disposable funds to take care of this issue.

I purchased a pair of 9" headrest DVD players from XTRONS off ebay. They were $300 for 2010 models utilizing a Sony laser. They come with IR remote controls that double as video game controllers (the system comes with 8-bit and 32-bit game discs), IR fullsize headphones, and two headrest DVD players in fake beige leather with zip up covers.

Shipping from China was free and remarkably quick. I ordered them Tuesday and they arrived Friday.

The headrest DVD players operate individually (watching separate movies), and I wired them so that you can also watch the same movie on both players. The IR headphones have two channels so that you can listen to two different movies. The players also have an integrated FM transmitter that works surprisingly well.

Install was a breeze, in part due to the fact that I have a sub-fuse block installed beneath my PS seat. I wired the players so that they only work with the ignition in the on position, so that the kids can't accidentally leave us with a dead battery.

Picture time...:clap:

front view of one of the player headrests

rearview of the player closed

and open

OEM seat and headrest

DVD headrest in place (note the color match isn't perfect)

Side by side comparison

side by side w/o flash (the color difference isn't as noticeable as the flash pcs make it out to be)

rearview with the cover zipped up

The new posts are still adjustable

the wiring almost buttoned up on the DS

installed with wiring complete

in action (sans headphones)

shot from the back

Any questions?:cool:
Nice. The SOR Tuff Duck seat covers on both my 80's look like they would match the color perfectly.:) Gotta ask the :princess: and see what she thinks.:D
Do the DVDs insert/eject in the head rest themselves? How did you wire it to play the same DVD on both headrests AND different DVDs, is there a switch on the headrests themselves that allows this function?
Looks good. Once my little one can ride face forward this will be my project ;)
Nice work.
very nice, but only a dream for me.
Do the DVDs insert/eject in the head rest themselves? How did you wire it to play the same DVD on both headrests AND different DVDs, is there a switch on the headrests themselves that allows this function?

The DVD player is behind the screen. When you press the "OPEN" button, the screen tilts upwards exposing the DVD player beneath. My 4yo can load them himself.

All of the connections are via what looks like an S-video cable although it carries sound as well as 12V. For each headrest there are two wires, one utilizing each post as a conduit (as you can see in the picture of the player/headrest prior to installation. One wire houses power as well as video and audio input, the other houses video and audio output. I connected the two basically connecting the video audio out of one player into the video audio in of the other. All wires were run under the seats and center console so they are not visible. After this, you just press the source button on the remote and voila! you've got the same movie on both screens.

I also ran all grounds to the respective rear seat mount. This meant that I only had to run my 12VDC+ cable to the sub-block.

FYI, I initially hooked them up to switched power, but this wiped out the settings (language, subtitles, IR transmission to the headphones, etc.), so I had to switch the power to constant 12VDC. No big deal, I just have to make sure the kids don't leave them on all the time. Besides, I doubt if they left it on for the duration of a two-hour movie, that they have enough draw to kill my battery.:meh:

I'd love to do something similar one day!
I put these same things in my LX450 about 5 months ago and haven't had any problems with them at all. The zippers are a little flimsy, but what do you expect for $300. Really nice for the kidos and the sound comes through great on FM. The only thing that I wish is that I could get more games for it. My Girls aren't into the Bloody Blade game. The ones found on their website don't seem to be much better. All around a pretty great unit, and seriously the fastest shipping I have seen on ebay.
what were you using before? I have an 8 month old and will driving back to wisconsin for a couple weeks in July and I'm looking for some entertainment options. These look great for the future.

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