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May 29, 2005
39073 under the Paul B.
Jrob I will try to help you and others with this flow chart of this thread...

I'd be ok with 6k
Heath puts a number out there for his saddle. He is cruising in BMW's now...

That is too far out of price range right now. I might have to wait a bit for 6k.
Mike playing chicken and hits right rudder HARD...

When Mike mentioned it wasn't in the cards for him right now, I struck a deal with the owner this afternoon.
David Price trying to corner the 80 market.

Off with it's top!
E acting like himself whether he is with a stripper or looking at an 80.

What are you going to do with your other 80sss?
Are any of them for wheeling :p
Lenny reminds Price that so far Price has only wheeled an ascot.

Get it David!
Which David?

Sounds like someone else already did!
David Williams (FIREMAN) saying David Price scooped it up.

David is someone else.
Yes he is. One wheels all the time, the other owns thousands of 80s and a ascot.

Y'all are getting me confused as to who the buyer is.....
That never happens...

I just want to see "one of his rigs" on the trail!
for sure...

I got lost somewhere in there and I ain't even drinking!
patience grasshopper...

I need a professional to "cifer" this thread for me...........lost as a baby racoon!
Did this help?:)

Way to go David Price!!!
This is another great cruiser.Glad it is staying in the club!
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Florence, MS
Jul 26, 2009
Florence, MS
Oh it is Crystal Clear Now!!!!!.....thanks a bunch... "I don't care who you are....that's some funny s***!"

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