80 series door differences - powered fittings vs non-powered fittings (1 Viewer)

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Are 80 series doors that have manual windows/mirrors plus no central locking basically the same structurally as doors with electric windows/mirrors and central locking? That gives a lot more options to replace doors on my 80 if the skins are the same.

That way I can take any door with a good condition skin and swap/replace parts to make replacements for the current doors. I've been considering fitting power window doors but don't like the idea of making holes in the a and b pillars so opted to stay with all manual doors/windows.

I've been told that Toyota did change the structural design of the skins late in production (1996?).

One thing I have found is some doors have holes in the outer skin sheet where the bump strips go - what are those holes for?

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