80 series cadilac converter problems

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Dec 20, 2007
Pacific NW.
80 series C A T A L Y T I C converter problems

I have a 97 80's series and my check engine light came on and it turns out to be the C A T A L Y T I C converter. The mechanic said sometimes weather changes can make these go off. But it may be clogged or something. Pretty much told me if the light comes on again I may need to replace it. Anybody have any insight or experience with this?


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are you talking about catalytic converters? or is a cadillac converter some new bling thing?
C A T A L Y T I C.

Not Cadilac.
Hope it does not convert to the cadillac while you are wheeling...:)
You need to know what code tripped the check engine light. There's no actual sensor on the cat, he may be guessing that's what's needed based on o2 sensor readings. Cats can be VERY expensive to replace.
Yeah he is basing it on the O2 sensor reading. The C A T A L Y T I C converter is what set it off. I was just wondering if any of you had anything like this happen.
wish i had one of those.... could convert to a caddy while cruising and then back to the 80 when wheeling ;)

how many miles on the 80? could be a good thing to replace it.
I assume he reset the CEL and you didn't ask for the specific code. If it comes on again, get the exact code and people here can help you further. O2 sensors are notorious for setting off CELs, you should wait and see what happens before replacing the cats. Not sure about his comment on weather setting them off, but they can be finicky. The cat(s) may or may not be to blame... impossible to discuss without the code.
Yep, he reset it and I never asked for the code. I replaced the 02 censor about a year ago, which was a reason the engine light came on last time. Nice, so hopefully i have nothing to worry about and hopefully its not the cadillac:bang: I have about 200k on the engine but it runs great...knock on wood

Glad you got the problem straightened out.
If it happens again, just have Autozone pull the code for you. This will go a long way to help you understanding what to do next time!

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