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Oct 9, 2007
Newy, NSW, Australia
i hope this is in the right place, if not, please let me know

so without further a due, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome 60Bob.

Quick rundown, iv always had a bit of a soft spot for the old 60 series.

My dad bought an FJ back in 04,1985 model, all white, petrol/lgp, duel locked, 2" body, bar work and winch


the first mod was a set of chrome hub caps and a dash mat.
then it was down the backyard to add a bit of colour

not to long after this it got a SPOA and some 35s, she was big



but then along came the 37" mtr's

After competing in Nissan Trails and then damaging the rear end on a trip to Winch Break Pass,
It was decided that the 60 had just too much overhang on the rear, and as the body was cancer ridden, the hunt for a new body began.


this is an early photochop before we even thought about bobbing it, i was just playing around

We settled on a 1985, silver diesel G-pack with a bottom end noise, leaking injector pump and rust free body! rare find
*********insert pix*********

soon there after the rear end was stripped out, leaveing only a bare shell, and then with some carefull measuring and marking by Hypo, the first cuts where made (this was the point of no return, once a 9 inch cuts thru the turret, the isnt much that you can do.



the plan was to have the body chop done and dusted on the June long weekend 05, Clearly that didnt happen..LOL
the other plan was to swap the petrol and LPG system over in to the 'new' 60, again that didnt happen.

So for almost 4 years 60Bob has been in a coma in my dads shed.
about 5 months ago, on the way to work i saw an 89 model 60, that a guy had bought, just to use the drivers side rear 1/4, diffs doors and driveline, i dropped in chatted for a while ans soon landed myself a donor motor and duel headlights.. *bling bling*


with the help of Layto and my mate Derwin, we had the old motor out and new motor in, in a few hours





'New' motor in


and the fabbed up fuel tank, just to make sure she runs... ok well runs and to do a few laps of the back yard

this is how she looks right now
sence you wont be needing your rear sliding windows any more ill take em off your hands. i like the build it makes me hate how slow my build is-will be
sence you wont be needing your rear sliding windows any more ill take em off your hands. i like the build it makes me hate how slow my build is-will be

Hey, if you want those sliding windows, and your keen to pay the shipping, let me know.
hahaha, as for slow. the body was chopped back in 05... lol, i have but the pix out of the shed where taken just a few weeks ago, so there has been a huge gap in the process, due to work, lack of money, lack on motivation etc

Ha, about time another aussie got here, welcome Pyro, jealous you live in NSW where SOA are legal....

Cheers Mutley,
yea, i do love NSW for that fact, we do get away with a lot more stuff down here.

on thing i am looking into also is doing a body swap onto the old white chassis, as that chassis is engineered for 37s, where as the current chassis isnt, and i wont be able to get it done, so if i want to legaly run 37s on road, then i need to swap chassis, which isnt a huge issue, just time consuming.
Hey there pyrotech! Welcome and thanks for the pyrotechnical display of bobb'in your rig!

I'm wonder'in why you went so aggro on the rear quarters behind the wheel openings. Did you have some trouble spots or are you gonna put in a wrap around bumper to complete the wheel opening arch?


Thanks for the welcome Rick

HAHA, yea the rear 1/4s got a little out of hand didnt they??LOL:doh:

the oringal plan for 60Bob was for Comp use, now was we all know a 60 has one hellova rear end, so the bob was to elimnate that, and the high 1/4s well thats just how it panned out, as i couldnt line up the body lines, i have NEVER been happy with how high the sides ended up, BUT as a solution to this i have made up a mock of how the rear bar is going to look



with the flair


from the back


there are a few little tweaks to make yet, but all in all i think it should come up nice.

i am open to any and all suggestions for custom bar work.

The all in one LED taillights are GOING!! i hate them and they look stupid!!!!!.

i will be refitting the factory lenses, (cut to suit the body shape) with LEDS behind them, its a lot more work, but it will look eleventeen times better!
did a bit of tinkering today on the rear 1/4 trims

you can see just how much i had to shorten them by in these first pix


Test fitting


Just need to cut out this hole for the rear washer bag

plus cut out the little holes for the clips to go in.
I really like the look of a bobbed 60. Will check back as your progress.
Ho-Lee-s***! I have seen plenty of build threads, including bob threads, but this one rocks!

This photo is art. I hope those pants were thick, or your Marvin looks like it got a little scorched.
i like the look of the bumper template. it looks like it will take a beating. yeah the above pic is awsome but, then again im a bit of a fire bug my self
thanks for the positive comments guys, it really helps to keep me on track with the build
Tofu - was actually looking thru your build thread last night, im locing some of your mods. and if my edic ever dies, can i have your permission to steal your "kill" switch?

that is one of my fave pix from the build so far,
thats my brother doign all the chop work
Wow, somebody is looking at my build thread...I am flattered.
I think everyone should dump the EDIC, if their rig was equipped with one...
ok, so not much has happened on Bob since the job loss, BUT i start a new one on Friday, so things should start to get back on track soon.

in the mean time i have been busy, parting out my old 60.

if your wondering why im parting her out...

this is the drivers side floor

Drivers side 'A' Pillar


il try to get pix of the passenger side tomorrow

this is how she is sitting right now

if anyone is after some 60 parts let me know

i have a complete brown interior, this includes, all brown plastic trims, door trims, vinyl floor, dash, thick steering wheel. plus other stuff to
WOW super cool
Bobbed and SOA, badass :clap::clap:

im glad u guys like it, i have had a few people here in Aus, tell me its ugly etc, i say to :censor: them! i like it.

if u think Spoa and bobbed is the best part, wait till u see the hairdryer im strapping to the side of that 2H ;)
thanks Kling-on, i thought u might be a fan after seeing ur bobbed 60. although im not going to the ute style look...just yet, when the rust sets in again, then id say it will be a duel cab or single cab style side ute :)

wish mine was still a ute crew cab but 5 roll overs later its a chop top :steer:

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