60 vs 62 front door question

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Sep 17, 2021
San Diego, CA
Can i replace the front door on my 60 series. I found a door that was on a 62 series with electrical motors for the windows. Does anybody know if I were to buy that 62 door if I can simply replace thr manuel crank from my old door into the 62 door? Are the panel's the same besides the electric windows?
Yes. You will need to pull the guts out of your 60 doors (manual crank regulators etc) and swap them over and you will want to swap the door cards from the 60 as well.
Just did this 2 days ago (on drivers rear door) as somewhere in the history the 60 door was replaced with a 62. Easy stuff to swap from electric to manual, 4 bolts and some wiring clips for the electric stuff, 3 for the manual crank going back in. Took longer to get the window free (years in place, lots of dirt in the tracks) than to replace the window regulator.
You'll want to swap door cards, window regulators, your manual window crank, keeper pin and escutcheon plate. You can also swap out lock mechanisms and key locks. If it's the driver's door you may want to keep the 62 lock mechanism and linkage and wire up a keyless remote. You can buy them off ebay very cheap.

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