$500 Milemarker Hyd???

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I might have a lead on a new in box Milemarker Hyd 12000 winch.
I know the pro's and cons of Hyd but for $500...would I be better off with a Tabor 12000 winch for $200+ more?
I have heard nothing but good things about mile marker, all from people who have used them once or twice though,,,grain of salt..I think the consensus is if you are going to be using it a lot buy a big name winch once or twice a year and you will be fine with the milemarker. Not sure if all this applies to the hyd though.
Think Landtank has one....might search with his name
if you don't want that winch I'll take it. There are two 12k winches though, you want the one with the integrated control valve. For that price I think it would be the other one.

I've done my share of winching and it has been great. People talk about it's slow speed but I think that's one of it's virtues. Here on th eeast coast we have plenty of obsticals and a nice slow pull helps you better control the recovery. Just be sure to install a nice cooler and I run hydraulic fluid in my truck.
I run a mile marker hydraulic too.

Ditto on the integrated solenoid models.

I run amsoil synthetic ATF. Same stuff I put in the transmission. I have not had a problem at all.

Keeps pulling hard when my friends electric winches can be used a cooking surface for eggs and bacon. Minimal drain on the electrical system so no big wires to upgrade..

Hit search. LT had a good write up on his install. I used the mile marker toyota fittings and had a hose shop cut and swedge fittings on to the hoses so that they were the perfect length.

Pulling the DS front tire and inner plastic fender pannels that cover the gearbox and getting the line you need off the steering gearbox is 100x easier... Use a flarenut wrench or a flarenut crowfoot wrench!
I have heard nothing but good things about mile marker, all from people who have used them once or twice though,,,grain of salt...

The people who use winches the most are the military. They use MM hydraulic winches. Just sayin'
Well that may be what they replace winches with or what they currently order on some vehicles. I have seen very few in service but I spent my time inside the wire fixing helicopters. The most used vehicles now are not the hummers.. The new MRAP uses this winch or a very similar one from another MFG.

DP Winch Model 35RW - MRAP Winch | TOP 2-2-172 | SAE J706 | APU

As you can see it may not be a mile marker but it is a hydraulic winch.

The CH-47 has a hydraulic winch.. A really cool one. It has a roller fairlead that moves and looks like the line guide on a bait casting fishing reel.. Lays the cable flat and level everytime.
it's the factory 80 series PS pump hyd winch capable . ?

Edit: who knows the factory specs of the factory PS pump ..

PSI and GPM . ?

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