4H switch HDJ81

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Aug 27, 2013
Hello all,

I am wondering how many of you have a 4H switch on your dash. Mine is a HDJ81 1995 Manual gear and its bit different than the ones here in India (as well)...Even the LCs are very rare here and this rare setup added more pain to fix.

when i got my vehicle i found the 4x4 is not engaging. later found the motor was disconnected. tried to hook up the wire but no result. replaced with used motor (Got from Bahrain) and again not working after installing it. Also, replaced the transmission relay, no effect. Now im doubting on the connections and wiring.
Help me on getting a specific wiring diagram please...
Does it lock in Low?
Did you test both motors?
You could substitute the 4way flasher switch for your H4 switch and test back to switches while you wait.
what I would do first it's bench test the motors then move to the next base .. I do have the very same dash button .. pretty normal for us in pat time 80 before 95

Thanks for your valuable comments.
It doesn't even lock in low.
What is the other motor you are referring? pls
switches seems to be Ok as could hear a small relay sound when i press.
The issue seems to be in wiring OR sockets on the transfer gear. I really doubt on the 2 pin plug whether its plugged on correct slot or not. coz, i can see 2 slots on the transfer gear.

The motor is working (at least its rotating) on the bench.

This is the only 80 in my town (very rare here in India) so the mechanics are unfamiliar to such problems. I am really fed up, and looking seriously to get a complete kit including harness. OR a clear diagram so i could start myself.

Thanks in advance.
Shiyazer, I've attached the schematic for the CDL circuit.

When you press the switch, you said you hear relay clicking... is it a "click" followed by a whirring noise (the actual motor turning) and then another "click"?

I would test the output at the connector that attaches to the CDL motor.

FYI the "2 pin" connector is for the dash light telling you it's engaged and will not interfere with the actual operation of the motor/locker.


  • Center Differential Lock.pdf
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Hi asutherland, Thank you so much for the diagram.
when i press the switch (H4) i hear only the relay clicks, nothing from the motor. and no power on the designated pin. i was bit confused on the sensor and auto disconnect part for the motor. I believe i can figure it out from the diagram.

Thank you once again.

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