465 install PICTURES

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May 6, 2005
Southern Calif.
heres some pictures of the installed sm465 thanks again everyone
Picture 003.jpg
Picture 008.jpg
Picture 005.jpg
I'm at the same point on my sm465 install as you. I saw that in your other thread that you still needed drive shafts. If you flip the rear spring the stock rear drive shaft fits or at least it did in mine. Thought that might help you. Are you not worried about any support on the back of the transfer case? In other words do you not think that you need a mount like Treeroot or Bustanutley made? I was wondering bc I made a mount but was it a waste of time?
rear mount

i am going without a rear mount because i dont think with just the 465 it will be a problem also i running the stock motor the mounts are on the bell housing so it should be fine there is not alot of room putting it in but what a feeling when its done. woody treeroot and Poser really helped out alot .
i personally wouldn't skip out on the rear mount, its worth the extra work and theres a reason everyone else does it, cause you need it.

just my .02

best of luck to ya
so you've hand to easy out the 4 bolts that hold the e-brake backing plate on too , huh ?

well after checking out busts pictures i am going to get started on a rear support bracket might as well get it done so i dont have to worry about it thanks again
bustanutley said:
...my sm420 broke all my motor mounts and it is 40lbs lighter and 2" shorter. Engine was bouncing all over the place, it is solid now.

If your engine was "bouncing all over the place", you had other issues beyond a 420 being mated to a three speed flywheel housing.....

How did the transmission destroy the engine mounts, from the additional torque that can be applied to things? I could see if they were in poor condition from the get-go, and added the torque from the 420 to something that was marginal at best in a stock application, that it would be easier to tear up engine mounts, but I still do not see how this can cause a flywheel housing to fail. I have ran my 420 and three-speed case hanging off the back of my three-speed F engine flywheel housing since 1993, and beat the living s*** out of my truck, and not had a single issue with the flywheel housing. When I installed my Atlas last spring, I made a cross member that attaches to the Novak adapter between the 420 and the Atlas, but that was for obvious reasons.

There are many trucks around here that are not using a cross member/additional support and using a 465 transmission on the three-speed F engine flywheel housing, without any issues.

I have seen broken flywheel housings, from people forcing a transmission into a clutch without having things lined up properly, and have seen Chevy and Toyota flywheel housings fail from an impact to the drive train off road, but I have not seen a Land Cruiser flywheel housing fail because of the added weight of a 465 and a stock case.

Now, if I were installing an Orion on the back of a 420 or 465, I would then want to install some form of additional support, but that is because of the extra 90-some pounds that an Orion weighs in at, but I feel that a stock four-speed flywheel housing is up to the task of a H41 or H42/Orion combo, unless you are going to be flogging it.

Unless you are planning on your truck seeing a few feet of air regularly, I would not worry about it.

Did you get those drive shafts installed yet???!!!

I'm with poser,
I see no reason for the extra mount. I did not use one with my SM420..
I feel that the addition of a mount on the back of a transfer case when used in a stock application, can lead to the transfer case working itself loose from the adapter plate, and create leaks....at least that is what I have found with a 420 and a couple 465's that have been through the shop that were set up this way previous....
poser, you are correct, mounts were not tip top, but before the install the rear mounts were still in correct form, after a few years with the 420 they got crushed. we will see how it turns out now.


what a bitchin ride got the drive shafts in yesterday and couldnt wait to take it out tossed in a box to sit on and headed down to the wash all i can say is what a diffrence first gear low just creeps and its just great thanks again steve have a good one and all thats left is just button up the inside .
Not to hijack...(it's in the same spirit of this thread) plus it's been a year! OOps
If one were to mount a H41/Orion combo to a later (1981) FJ40 without the bellhousing support, a rear V-8 transmission support be enough, or would you recommend swapping the guts of the H41 into the H42 housing and keeping the tranny support? (I know this would be the ideal method) but are there any critical potential failure points with having the drivetrain supported by the engine and transfer case?

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