40 Series rivet wheels and 60s….

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Jul 15, 2020
I did search for this and didn’t come up with any direct answers…

I find myself in possession of 5 50 Series drum brake “rivet” wheels. Long ago I saw mention of running these on trucks with front disc brakes, but where that thread is now … I don’t know. I seem to recall that either 1/16” needed to be shaved from the top of the rivets, or 1/2-1” spacers used, or both. This is for clearance of the brake caliper.

So…. Good idea, bad idea, doable? I will absolutely not run these if it’s a bad idea. I’m sure I can find them a good home. If this has been done and is no big deal with regard to amount of work involved and safety, I might proceed.



Brand new, straight FJ40 rims are $100/ea at the dealer. I might sell those to a drum-brake guy, and buy a new set. I had a slew of old rims, and virtually all of them were bent in some way. Most people don't want to run FJ40 rims on an FJ60, in that they are 1/2" narrower than FJ60 stock rims (which are already marginally too narrow). I will say that FJ40 rims and hubcaps look great on an FJ60.

There are MUDers who weld up those rims and grind off the rivets, but that seems like a lot of work and risk.

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