3fe fuels

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Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
So I have heard people throughout the years mention that the 3fe engine will run on almost anything. Kerosene, acetone, jet fuel, naphtha, and even paint thinner. Not that I ever plan on doing this but If crap hits the fan it would be nice to know what you could really run these engines on. I am wondering if anybody has real world experience with any alternative fuels in the 3fe.
I've run some pretty suspect Mexican petrol through her but that's about as close as I've come. I've heard the F and 2F (40 series) motors were pretty tolerant. I don't know about the 3FE since its electronic and stuff...
I drink hot sauce and piss in the gas tank.
Will it actually run on E85 if you change out all the seals???

Not asking because i'm a member of green peace just because i'm putting a turbo on my 3FE soon and E85 in charlotte is a $1 cheaper a gallon than 93 octane
I am sure it would burn E85 but it won't be happy, unless you can find a way to add about 30% more fuel. E85, is less volatile than gasoline so it requires more of it to make about the same power. The benefit of E85 in turbo cars is the you can increase the timing because it's a high octane fuel and resists detonation.

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