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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
If I have stepped on any toes. My apologies.

So here is the official TLCA Elections Nominated Officers list.


Jeff Zepp (current CMIR)
Justin Ward


Dave Harrison
Nick Stone (current AVP)


Art Schramm (current Secretary and interim MSVP)
Mark Van Meter (current webmaster)


Casey Campbell (current Treasurer)


Jeff Zepp (current CMIR)
Justin Ward


Art Schramm (current Secretary and interim MSVP)


What I can find on them so far.


The PRESIDENT shall preside over all Board meetings. He/she shall have the duty of carrying out the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. Be present at all TLCA events, whenever possible. He/she shall have the authority to sign all checks and the authority to delegate the signature authority to another elected board member when deemed necessary. He/she shall appoint all committee chairmen as needed. He/She shall appoint the Rubithon Chairperson by September 30th in the year preceding the scheduled event.

1. Jeff Zepp (current CMIR)

After much consideration, I accept the nomination. As most of you know, I am deeply committed to TLCA. As a member since 1996, and on the board of directors since 2002, I have come to know not only the organization and it’s structure, but hundreds of members who are not on the board through face to face chats and phone conversations, not to mention wheeling together.

We are a very diverse group, and have become even more so over the last couple years since the introduction of the FJC and all those new members. It is impossible to please everyone, but the board should do it’s best to help make membership delighted and proud of being members of our TLCA. Our purpose needs to be to serve the needs and wishes of our membership: chapter, individual, and business. To serve our membership, our board needs to be responsive to as many levels of interest as we can reasonable accommodate.

We have many armchair wheelers, and our flagship publication, Toyota Trails, serves admirably in giving them their taste of adventure. We have many avid do-it-your-selfers, who want to work on and modify their own rigs. We have folks who just drive their Toyotas and want to know where they can get them serviced, modified or where to find parts. We have some hard-core wheelers who want to go out and break something every weekend. And everyone in between. The thing that we must do most effectively is connecting everyone with shared interest in Toyota 4x4s together.

The most important mission we have as an organization is connecting people who share our common interest – through Toyota Trails, through events, through face-to-face conversations, and via the web. If we are the organization that brings them together, then TLCA flourishes.

TLCA has a unique opportunity to accomplish this goal with our resources and our background. With the hard copy of Toyota Trails, we can give people something to touch, just like their hardware. With our chapters and events, we bring people together, face-to-face. And we have an opportunity with our web presence to help people be aware of everything that’s going on in near-real time. We have an opportunity to help become a leading organization in not only keeping trails open, but to open new areas to go play. We have an opportunity to help fuel Toyota 4x4 enthusiast’s passion with our collective enthusiasm.

To help accomplish our goals, we need to increase excitement and enthusiasm in membership, both joining and renewing. We can do that – it starts with excitement and enthusiasm at the board level. It all starts at the top.

That is the mission. Strategy and tactics to follow.

Happy cruisin’!

Jeff Zepp
Kittredge CO USA
1971 & 1976 FJ40s, 1978 FJ45
Rising Sun 4x4 Club, TLCA #4063, TLCA Central Rep
Jeff Zepp's Home Page

Those that know me and have read my posts over the years, listened to my rants around the campfire and at meetings know that my mantra is about growing the top line. I agree with Mark 100% that we have the opportunity for growth, and not cutting below the line.

I believe in growth from quality.

Quantity is hollow without quality.

The top line grows from quality. We have quality people in our organization, and quality product. Build on that and we'll be fine. Ignore the quality and focus on quantity and we'll fall flat and fail.

Now is our time to grow into the 21st century, even as we are a car club that promotes antique vehicles. Let's build a car club that is embraces the new while preserving the old, and remain vigilant about our bottom line while we work to build our top line.

Rising Sun is a paradigm that scales well to TLCA. Embrace new members whether runner, Lexus, FJC, Taco, or LC. The paradigm is about quality people and quality events. Our shared enthusiasm of our rigs brings us together, then we make great friendships via events. It's not about membership numbers: bring people together and our numbers grow without recruitment drives or anything like that. It's about quality.

Happy cruisin'!

IH8 talking about myself - it seems so - well, self absorbed. I'm not about me. I'm about moving TLCA forward. But if you insist:

Around 2000 or so I was appointed Rising Sun Secretary, and subsequently Webmaster by Commander Rob Merideth, when those functions weren't filled. At the next cycle I was elected Secretary, which I held until I was actually elected Secretary. When Rob stepped aside, I was elected Commander of Rising Sun, a position I held for two 1 year terms, which is also TLCA delegate. When I was asked to run for TLCA Mountain/Central IR, I stepped aside and endorsed Matt Farr to fill the Commander's spot. I did not want to be spread too thin by running Rising Sun and also holding TLCA office. I ran for, and won Rising Sun Secretary for the following 4 one year terms. Each of the M/C IR elections I ran for were 3-way races.

I am also active in my local community organization, and serve as Secretary and Webmaster. I have been a member of the Kittredge Civic Association for 28 years, and have volunteered many hours over that time.

Originally Posted by TRT2
and Mr Jeff... your enthusiasm towards TLCA is what the scale of participation is based upon. While you were commander in chief for Rising Sun, tell me what membership did (increase or decrease) and describe your 'managerial' style when it comes to running meetings, and motivating volunteers please??

When I inherited Rising Sun, morale and membership were down. We had a large number of long-time members who quit in a huff over some Cruise Moab issues. It was similar to the upheaval that was going on in TLCA at that exact same time over the Margeret Dauphin issue and Henry Brimmer quitting as TT Editor, only magnified by a smaller organization. We started out in January of 2002 with less than 20 members renewing. When I handed over the club to Matt two years later we were up over 50 members, Cruise Moab was back on track and we were back to donating thousands of dollars each year to Land Use causes.

My managerial style is to set the goals and provide direction, then let my officers and other club members do the work with their personal style. Many hands make a light work of large tasks! One of the hallmarks of my terms as Rising Sun Commander was to touch base with each officer every month (or more) by phone and have a conversation with them. Forums and email have their place, but there's nothing like a real-time conversation. Communication is key.

In my professional life I have over a quarter century (damn I'm getting old!) of supervisory and leadership experience, and I've learned a lot about what doesn't work, and what does. Every individual that you supervise is different, and to get the best work, each person needs to be approached a little differently. One of the things you learn from leading, is also how to be a good follower. Both you and Alan, having been excellent leaders, have made it easier for those of us on the board to follow, and be effective in our roles.

There is no question that I am opinionated, and will challenge people. I am persuaded by arguments that are backed up with thought and reason. I am less persuaded by off-the-cuff emotion. At the same time, it is VERY important not to shoot down enthusiasm, which is something we all need in the TLCA board, to infect membership with. We also need to recognize some of the incredibly time consuming, detail-oriented work that our elected board and contractors have performed for us. Kudos to our team!

Originally Posted by TRT2
Kudos to both of you for stepping up the plate! You have my personal thanks.

And THANK YOU Tony, for so much you have done for us, for so long!

Happy cruisin'!

Some comments about Jeff

Originally Posted by Hulk
I've known Jeff since 2000, and followed him as president of Rising Sun. I was there during the dark days of 2002-2003, and I was one of those few souls who volunteered to put together Cruise Moab 2003 when 90% of the founding committee quit. The club is now stronger than ever -- we're past 80 paid members in 2008 (and RS isn't cheap to join: our membership is $50/year). Much of the success of the club can be attributed to good decisions made by Jeff during his two years as club president.

Here are some of the things I observed in Jeff, that I admired and tried to emulate during my own term in office:

1) Daylight for every decision. Nothing is decided in secret, away from the general membership. Jeff will always have an opinion (a good one, usually), but he will not take action without letting everyone have their say and putting it to a vote. If you've ever been frustrated by a lack of communication from the TLCA BOD, Jeff will be a breath of fresh air.

2) Fiscal responsibility. Jeff was good with this in Rising Sun. He's also been one of the few members who actively reviewed and commented on TLCA's balance sheet on a regular basis.

3) Respect for every individual. Jeff has an amazing ability to connect with every new person who came to a RS meeting for the first time, and personally make them feel welcome. No one will feel like TLCA has an elite inner circle with Jeff as president -- every member will be respected and listened to.

4) Ethics. When things get stressful, there is always a temptation for leaders to cut corners and ignore the rules. Jeff maintains a clear head and plays by the rules at all times. Even when others suggest expediency, Jeff will take an unpopular position when he knows it's the right thing to do. In the end, it always is the right thing to do, and his ethical leadership was appreciated in RS, and still is.

5) Serious Cruiserhead credentials. Who doesn't know Jeff? I think he will be able to help pull TLCA together just simply because he knows so many of the members across the US, Canada and even globally. There are people who come to Cruise Moab and want to get their picture taken with him, just because he is the "legendary Jeff Zepp." I'm not making this up -- I've seen it. It's kind of weird, actually (sorry, Jeff). As TLCA president, Jeff will have the ability to pick up the phone and call members everywhere, many with whom he already has a relationship. That's effectiveness!

6) Un-killable Enthusiasm. Let's be honest here: every single person who is willing to be nominated for a TLCA officer role has enthusiasm. We all had it at one time. But club politics can suck the life out of you, leaving a person willing to go through the motions but do little else. Jeff has already been involved in the TLCA BOD for years, and he's still one of the biggest TLCA boosters you will ever meet. He's not going to get sick of the crap and give up. At this point, he's seen it all, and he's still excited about doing the job. I don't think I can stress enough how important this can be! Jeff will still be hard at work during month 24 as he was during month 1. He really cares.

7) Knowledge + Experience. With his leadership credentials in Rising Sun and TLCA, Jeff will hit the ground running as TLCA prez. There will be no period where he is trying to figure things out. Jeff already knows how to be an effective leader in a Toyota 4WD club.

8) Dedication. Jeff probably has the longest string of any TLCA member for attendance on those monthly BOD calls. Yeah, they are boring. I forgot a few of them myself. Jeff was always there. As TLCA president, he will be deeply dedicated to the job. He will be available in meetings, phone calls, email, and on the forum. I know that Jeff thought carefully about accepting this nomination, because he knew that he would be unable to do the job halfway. He will not be an absentee leader, ever.

This is the Jeff Zepp that I know, and that many other people in Rising Sun and TLCA know as well. He certainly has my vote.

2.Justin Ward

Originally Posted by packman73
Alright, couple of questions for you guys, please PM me the answers to the first question...for obvious reasons...and please post your response to questions 2 and 3.

1. Who is the head of TTORA, and who are the organizers of the FJ Summit? Have you ever met them or had any sort of contact with them?
Never met any of them, that I'm aware of.

2. There have been several discussions on IH8MUD as of late in regards to the TLCA and events. What ideas or suggestions do you have in regards to introducing a "regional" TLCA event (West, Southeast, Midwest, East, Southeast). And how would that be used to bring in potential TLCA members?

We will have to tap the membership for this. Seems we have plenty of folks that aren"t happy with things as they stand, and i think this would give some folks an opportunity to stand up, pitch in, and help steer the course of future endeavors for T.L.C.A.
Any actual T.L.C.A. event should require membership as part of the entrance fee. We should make sure that an event has more than enough merch, and trails to go around, logistics would be worked out as the event itslef is fleshed out.
This one isn't gonna be the easiest thing we attempt, but most of what is worth doing requires the best efforts of those involved.

3. How do you intend to deal with the chapters out there that put on annual events and then don't send the required 10% cut (in the bylaws) to the TLCA?
The simplest thing to do would be withhold future club involvement, until good standing is attained. This one is fairly simple, folks.
when you go to get a part for your cruiser, you know when you walk in that a payment will be required. Same applies to an event that is held. nobody finds out afterwards that ten percent is owed, they know this going in. Some events don,t make a profit, and that is ok, but for those that do, why is there a problem paying what is owed?
Perhaps, if these clubs feel we are being unfair, we can specifically give them options for where they would like to see the ten percent go. But, the plan is known, you understand the situation before the event is held, you know that ten percent goes to T.L.C.A.
It's simple. pay your bills, folks, and no more problems.

These are simple brainstorming answers to the questions, and if elected as the next president, they will obviously need to be fleshed out to a usable standard, but I am excited at the chance to really make a difference for the club, and to serve the members.
I would also like to thank everybody on here that is paying attention to this election of officers. it's good to see so many passionate about our future.

Justin Ward

my quick little bio... please feel free to ask of me any questions you may have. I'm honored to be nominated, and happy to help in any way that i can. If you need more info about me, just let me know.

I've been a member of T.L.C.A. since 1996, when i got my first 40. Since
then I've been a charter member of Lonestar Land Cruisers, Bought a
second 40, been to Cruise Moab in 99, met Gary Bjork, Mark Whatley, and
a few other notable members.
Had My second 40 stolen while at CM '99, got it back three years later.
In the mean time picked up a 76 55, and an 84 60. 60 got crashed and
totaled, bought a new one, same year and color, only not so pristine.
Wheeled that truck to the very edge and back, and you'd be surprised
what a 60 with completely stock drive train, and a little ground
clearance can really do. Sold my first 40, kept wheeling the 60. Broke
some parts, had a lot of bad luck, but kept on wheeling. Just recently
acquired another 84 60, that used to belong to a member of LSLC, and
have some plans for that, since, as we all know, a Cruiser is never
really done.
I've been in food service, and for the last ten years, I've been in
retail sales, selling cameras, and my skills. Just changed jobs in June,
after a long overdue need, and was finally able to do something that I'm
enjoying so much more. My new gig selling bikes is a blast, and it
really ties together well with wheeling, since some of the best places
to ride are well off the beaten path, and there is no better way to get
there than my trusty old Long Board.
Wheeled our annual club trip, ICBM, wheeled our annual club event, the
Roundup, wheeled our annual Colorado run up Silverton way, and lots of
other cool little places.
I am honored to have the chance to give back to T.L.C.A., because over
the years I have gotten out far more than I will ever be able to put
back in. I've had the privilege of knowing Tony Twiddy, and Alan, and
there is a great honor in having the chance to follow in the steps of
some legendary members.
I look forward to having the opportunity to serve this club, and I am
honored and humbled by the privilege that entails.
-Justin Ward
T.L.C.A. #5501
71 40
76 55
84 60
84 60
charter member- LSLC

Tony- Great to hear from you! As to what we discussed those years ago riding around in long board, I do not recall, either. That's been many moons, and my memory is not what it once was. Seems that whatever we discussed, you took it to heart, and that certainly meant alot, seeing as you didn't know me from adam at that point
As to positions I've held within the club itself, well, Jeff's got me soundly thrashed there. I've been B.O.D. rep for Lone Star for quite some time now, as long as Alan has been President, and I think for a short while , maybe six to eight months, while you still were.
Other than being a charter member of my club, have never run for any of those positions, except for V.P. However, Nick Stone also ran, and soundly thrashed me there, as well.
I have had a change of jobs recently, and after having missed several calls, I'm back to doing my job as rep., since my new job hours are more accomadtaing to week night early call ins.
I have enjoyed being on the B.O.D., and feel that while I'm usually quiet, that when I do speak, it has usually been to throw out a solution, and usually adopted, but, not always. And Jeff may remember it differently!!
Todd- I do believe that Kowboy is more representitive of what the majority of members feel, than we might care to believe, or could fathom. And I think after listening to this debate for some time, that I've formulated some ideas about how to fix that. We have to become better at getting membership involved. Seems we could take a page out of PMC's book, and start sponsoring more get together type events for those that don't wheel, and maybe come up with an event for the central, and eastern parts of the country as well. There's more, and I beleive that much of what I'd like to see us do is very achievable, more so if Art is as successful as he is enthusiastic, and there's no reason to believe he won't be. You asked about solutions? Honestly, I don't know that there are any. What I do believe is that we can sure make some small changes here and there, some bigger ones in other places, and really change the perception of the club from a magazine, back to a club, which will help resolve tons of the negative perception it seems is out there these days. Trails still rules, by the way.
You also asked about support, and I guess that part is a little tougher, but if, as president, I'm able to get us together to change some of what I see as negative perception, that will move us a LONG way towards being able to better support events and chapters.
Kowboy- Every thing I've ever heard about Rubithon has been positive. And I think that we can take a lesson from that, maybe work towards having a central, and eastern event as well. Tie the events we put on as a national club into wheeling, land use awareness, swap meets, family, and friend gatherings. Really make the club a family club, oriented to all members, not just hardore wheelers, not just the families, not just the Trails wheeler, not just member tinytown, but really get the family vibe going again. And I've been paying attention to what works and for whom, and I've got some ideas there, as well. Kowboy, I think you'd be pleased.
Thanks to Tony, Todd and Kowboy, for giving us much to discuss and think about, or for Kowboy- cipher on fer a piece. Thanks to Jeff for a fantastic response, and one that really is outstanding and well thought out.
Thanks to Alan, and Tony, for laying a foundation that really lends itself well to being built on to bring the vibe back to what we all loved, and still do, about T.L.C.A.


The ADMINISTRATIVE VP shall be responsible for TLCA contracts, TLCA Bylaws, TLCA SOPs, and the TLCA annual budget. The AVP shall work in conjunction with the Treasurer in creating the annual TLCA Budget for presentation to the TLCA Board of Directors.

1.Dave Harrison:cheers:
We all know David. He was one of the founding fathers of UC and has been President of UC as well as held other officer titles.

I humbly accept the nomination to run for Admin VP.
I'm honored to be considered.
I've been with TLCA for several years and have from time to time served UC as it's BOD rep.
I've been a slave to my Cruiser for better than 2 decades and it has rewarded me
with many lasting and new found friends in the TLCA community.
I would be proud to try and give something back for the treasures it has given me.
I'm a practicing attorney of over 30 years with experience in both Corp and contract
drafting and litigation. Heck I've even sat in on a few old cat fights for TLCA in the past.
If my services can help they are offered with enthusiasm.

David R. Harrison
P.O. Box 412
Pickens, S.C. 29671
cell: 864-238-8868
office : 864-878-3739
TLCA # 72I6

Nick Stone (current AVP)

I've go nothing on Nick. Can someone help me out?


7.The MARKETING AND SALES VICE PRESIDENT (MSVP) shall be responsible for three (3) general areas of TLCA: 1) Marketing Activities, 2) Public Relations Activities and 3) Member Activities. General marketing activities to the extent necessary to produce revenues such as arranging for event sponsorships and promotional activities like sweepstakes, fund raising, and licensing of TLCA logo usage. General public relations activities with other organizations and the media. Member activities to recruit new members and retain current members which could include the preparation and management of materials, direct mail campaigns and other types of member communications.

1.Art Schramm (current Secretary and interim MSVP)

I don't understand how Art can do both positions. Since he is unopposed as Secretary.

2.Mark Van Meter (current webmaster)

Mark is our current website provider for Upstate Cruisers.

At this point, after reading this thread and seeing Jeff's and Justin's devotion to run for President and to not muddy those waters; I would like to withdraw my nomination for that position and run for MSVP.

After talking with my wife and others, my marketing background, ideas, skill is what is needed in this club and fits my personality.

I have an 85 runner project that's going nowhere fast right now. I have owned a 73 FJ40, a Trekker, a 85 mini truck. Never been to a sanctioned event due to proximity and interest but feel an Alterna-Event at Snowshoe Mountain Resort would fit the bill for a lot of guys like me in this club that dig the Toyota, just do other things than wheel.

Helped reorganize the Mid-Ohio Land Cruiser Association into the Buckeye Birfield Syndicate and as Mike pointed out, sat as Secretary for a short time after Kowboy till my web development work took off and now maintain a comfortable client base that include The 12Voltguy, Trail-Gear, and TLCA (in the yota world) as a web developer/consultant.

Also sat on the BOD for the Formula Toys for a while.

Earned a A.A.S in Technical Communication with a minor in Marketing from The Columbus State Community College. I own a dowhnill mountain bike racing team called "Chainsmoke" and race competively myself and enjoy skiing and snowboarding when I don't race.

Aside from my client base I run a web site called The Snowshoe Gravity Project that is based on photo-journalism/journalism and video production covering extreme sports and activities at the mountain.

The Snowshoe Gravity Project

After the nominations officially close tonight (and I'm leaving for the mountain in about an hour from now) I will write up my proposal for MSVP.

I like Jeff, have talked with him on the phone about code and other geek stuff and will throw my support behind him as President.

What's important to me is..we have these motivated guys..let's make best use of them all and make a good fit so the club will move forward.

Hope this helps,

This was also his speech when he was going to run for President.

I have worked for myself most of my adult life and work without a net so to speak. I stay cutting edge on my thinking and philosophy of doing business and feel that a club like the TLCA is under-marketed, under-exposed and is missing out on capturing a huge segment of Toyota population that use their vehicles for other things than just wheeling. We have a strong contingency of wheelers now and they are a very valuable and vocal segment of our membership. However, we need to offer more for the 3,000 or so dues paying members that don’t wheel but use their Toyotas to get to the ski slopes, haul a mountain bike to the trail, Overland or simply want to restore a Toyota to the glory of yester-year. Adventure is at the heart of all Toyota owners and is the common denominator amongst us all regardless if our rig sits on 37s with dual lockers or simply has a Yakima rack on top with all the trimmings.

If the TLCA is going to move forward, we need to reconsider our name. Now, this doesn’t need to be a major change. Ken Romer said it beautifully when he said the name The Toyota AND Land Cruiser Association fits us better and what he offered there was really brilliant. We have a rich history and enjoy unique brand recognition around the World and making this slight change reflects, IMO, what the TLCA is as we approach 2009 and doesn’t change our core identity, just updates it a bit.

Making this slight name change also opens the door to much needed growth for the club and I feel we are at a critical crossroads right now. The TLCA should not try and outshine its chapters, it should support those chapters by providing them with a national medium to attract new members, help them voice issues on land use as a collective whole under the TLCA flag, support their events, offer insurance, and most importantly guidance for our younger chapters so they can grow in numbers and be successful.

My goals, if you elect me, would be simple.

1. Get new blood in the club while maintaining our wheeling heritage.

2. Be more vocal on issues of land use.

3. Offer an alternative national event based in the Mid Atlantic at Snowshoe Mountain Resort to get more members involved and attract new members.

4. Reach out to TTORA, FJ Cruisers and get more participation by getting them to our chapter events.

5. Develop a marketing strategy that positions the TLCA as leaders in the Toyota community.

6. Provide our chapters that put on events every year with a swag package that contains extra issues of Toyota Trails, “TLCA Rocks” T-Shirts and anything else we can muster. Sign up new members. Garner more exposure.

My style of leading is simple: Surround yourself with competent people and trust them to make solid and sound decisions. The TLCA is very, very fortunate that we already have that with our BOD, I.R.’s and Contractors. I do not believe in micro-managing but also I’m not afraid to make a decision based on the advices of the people that I trust. And I trust the BOD we have now, our Individual Reps, and our current host of Contractors. They are good people that love this club as much as we all do. And most importantly, are stepping up to do something about it.

I encourage each of you out there to think about what I have said in depth.

Thanks for reading.



The TREASURER shall be responsible for insuring the accurate and complete record keeping of all funds, investments, and accounts of TLCA. The actual data entry, merchant services account processing, checking account entry and maintenance, records reconciliation and other routine day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping, and management activities may be delegated to a management company, committee, or other person or persons provided that the activities and affairs of TLCA shall be managed and all corporate powers shall be exercised under the ultimate direction of the TLCA Board of Directors. In addition, the Treasurer shall have the authority to sign all checks, shall assist the AVP in preparing the annual TLCA Budget, and shall file in a timely manner all required Federal, state and local tax forms.

Casey Campbell (current Treasurer)

Looks like Casey is running unopposed.


The MOUNTAIN/CENTRAL IR shall be responsive to the individual members in their region. Regions shall be set in the Standard Operating Procedures.

If you hadn't noticed both people running for CMIR are also running for President. So whoever doesn't win the presidency will become CMIR.

Jeff Zepp (current CMIR)

Justin Ward

8.The SECRETARY shall keep all TLCA records. Shall take minutes of all meetings. Shall write all correspondence. Shall assume the responsibility of ledger roll call and determine the number of voting Officers and Delegates present. Officers shall be reported separately so it may be known if a quorum is in attendance.

Art Schramm (current Secretary and interim MSVP)

Looks like Art is running unopposed.
Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
Good job Troll.
I couldn't have said it better
As to Nick, he's been doing a
hell of a good job as AVP.
He's certainly well qualified and
worthy of re-election.
Nick's a well known and serious
Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
New Prez!

Jeff won in a landslide for new President.
Nick Stone re-elected AVP...WHEW! (sigh of relief)
Due to withdrawals of candidates those were the only offices subject to vote.
Let us wish them all well as they move TLCA forward.

On a side note I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to the many club reps and TLCA officers
who voted for me as AVP. As UC's rep on the BOD I hope to serve our club's interests
in the coming year.

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