For Sale 1st Generation 4Runner for sale/trade

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United States
Built 1st Generation 4Runner for sale. This truck has been rebuilt from the ground up over the last 8 years.
New 22RE engine(Not rebuilt) LCE head 30k miles since install.
Rebuilt A340h transmission 80k miles since rebuild. MC adapter for gear driven case with 4.70:1 low gear and twin stick conversion.
TG SAS kit with 6" lift and Bilstein Shocks.
Front axle out of 84 PU, rebuilt with Longfield super axles/birfields, Yukon 4.88 gears with Toyota E-Locker.
Rear axle with Toyota E-Locker, Longfield super axles and Yukon 4.88 gears.
Less than 50k miles on running gear.
4X Innovations Roll Cage from firewall to rear seat.
TG front and rear bumpers with 10k lb winch.
Onboard air with 5 gallon tank.
33X12.50 15 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with 60-70% tread.
Wet Okole seat covers front and rear(But rub on driver seat)
Removable top in good condition no leaks noticed with bikini top.
Wab-fab tube doors.
This rig is ready for whatever you want to throw its way. Together we have conquered the Rubicon, Katemcy Rocks, K2, Hidden Falls, Hogan's, Superlift ORV, Telico, Choccolocco, and for you GA boys we took a day trip up to Beasle Knob and never had to put it in 4WD.
This truck will go where you need it to go and will even look good doing it. Asking price is firm at $10k but I am willing to trade for a newer 4Runner(96 and up) or 80 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus 450, as my wife and I are looking at starting a family and I can't imagine putting a car seat in the back seat of this truck.
Please don't low ball me on this truck, if you know about building these trucks and how capable they are you know that the price is fair, in other words you couldn't start from scratch and build this truck for anything close to what I'm asking. I've put close to $30k into this truck over the years if that gives you any idea.





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